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Baseball carts & softball carts are not just for school and pro teams and it amazes me that when I see a travel ball practice where so few have them.
I think it may be due to only the bigger, bulkier ball carts being seen or advertised and that everybody owns a simple paint bucket or perhaps has bought a few dozen baseballs with a bucket at a sporting good store
(btw: those tend to be crap balls – make sure you buy only real leather covered balls with 2 piece inner windings) and do not even think of spending $60 a dozen for practice baseballs. $40 per dz. is about right so buying 3 dz. of those is the same as 2 dz. of balls that you will lose at the same rate!)
Why Do You “Need” A Baseball Cart?
You don’t even want to count how many times you bend over to pick up a handful of baseballs when throwing BP. And when practices include outfielders throwing balls back in, you are picking those up too.
How about throwing outfield hits to your “bucket-tender in centerfield collecting the balls in a bucket, then wheeling your cart out to him or even hauling filled buckets back to your new baseball cart or softball cart?
Now, you don’t even bend over to grab a handful! 

The Wheel Was Invented For Ball Carts

Ok, maybe not, but since it was invented, how about checking out one of our inexpensive 2 wheel baseball carts/softball carts if you could use a smaller model.

Yes, we do have the standard pro-style 2 wheel ball carts that will last forever… and at great prices too. Remember, your players will not get any better because you spent $300. to hold baseballs.
If you would use a foldable model without ball cart wheels, you can really save some budget too thought they are limited in the number of balls they hold.

Hope this helps!

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