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4 Inch Economy Portable Mound Green Astroturf & Real Pitching Rubber

Portable pitching mounds are reasonably new baseball training products that found their way into the rise of travel baseball.

When I met a former minor league pitcher who began building artificial pitching mounds back in the 1990’s, I knew I had found the right manufacturer! He had the experience of a 6 ft 4 inch tall pro baseball pitcher who could generate enough torque to put his portable mounds through the maximum loads that they would need in order to hold up for many seasons of heavy use!

15+ seasons later and with his manufacturing now in the capable hands of the family’s next generation…


Our Practice Mounds are available in all sizes for all age groups.
Many are offered in a “shorter” footprint so that the pitcher’s landing foot will impact on the playing surface saving you some extra budget. All are available in original Astroturf™ green or terra cotta clay colors. Indoor models are without a need for turf.

Our Game Mounds are available in all sizes for all age groups. Whether you are needing Little League Pitching Mounds, hosting a USAAA baseball tournament or any other uses, you will find our portable pitching mounds larger and will allow for pickoff moves plus offering pitchers the ablity to spring off all sides when needing to make fielding plays. This allows for easier PFP drills too! Some are available in 2 pieces for a much easier transport on or off your infield. All our artificial pitching mounds are available with the original Astroturf™ in green or terra cotta clay colors.

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