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Pitching Machine Basics

Any player who has the ability to walk out the back door to hit is at a distinct advantage over his competition...players just do not swing it enough otherwise!

Coach JP Baseball Tips Owner

Pitching Machine Categories:

*all throw official game weight & size balls though there are a few built for light balls only

Wheel Style Pitching Machines - 1,2,3 & 4 wheel models & optional auto feeders

The most popular types from backyard baseball to pro baseball. They use a spinning wheel(s) & a motor to propel the wheel(s). Most wheel pitching machines have adjustable speed controls & direction adjustments mounted on a steel frame that's attached to a tripod. All run on 110v current & can handle a generator. Most can be purchased as baseball pitching machines, softball pitching machines & some are in a combo unit for both sports. 1 wheel is entry level, 2 wheel are most popular & now 3 & 4 wheels that throw about anything you could want at Major League speeds.

Arm Style Pitching Machines - 4 rack fed & hopper fed models

These are sometimes known as Iron Mike Pitching Machines. That is the made in USA brand you may have seen & used at a commercial batting cage. They weatherproof & tough enough for years of service without trouble. All have auto ball feeders in a rack or a huge hopper that holds hundreds of balls.

Compressed Air & Non Electric Pitching Machines - No electricity needed

Some very clever engineers have created alternative styles that fill particular needs. The Zooka Pitching Machine uses compressed air & rechargeable internal battery that is an engineering wonder. Our UPM 45 Ultimate Pitching Machine is the official model for Cal Ripken baseball & softball machine pitch leagues. It uses a spring loaded concept so needs no electricity.

Heater Jr Pitching Machine Fastballs Up To 48 MPH

The Heater Junior Pitching Machine
  • Great for ages 6-12
  • Pitch height can be adjusted
  • Lightweight & fully portable
  • Very affordable - great for young players
In Stock
Free shipping not valid to addresses outside of the continental USA.
Please call to complete your order at 1-800-487-7432.
FREE Bonus...

Ebook from pro hitting coach, Rob Ellis

  • Throws fastballs from 15-48 mph
  • Speed controlled by 10-position dial
  • Can throw ground balls & fly balls too
  • FREE 12 Baseball Auto Feeder ($79 value!


The Heater Junior is the most affordable pitching machine in its category on the market, and budget minded parents of younger ballplayers have been very pleased with the performance of the Heater Jr.

The Heater Junior's strong ¼ horsepower motor delivers accurate pitches every time. The variable speed control dial easily adjusts pitch speeds from 15 to 48 mph, and the inflatable air filled tire cushions the ball, which improves pitch accuracy and reduces wear on the ball itself. The rugged tripod stand is made of galvanized steel tubing and the durable nylon fiberglass housing is both lightweight and high impact resistant.

This Machine Throws



  • Dimensions: 13" H x 12" diameter
  • Weight: 16 pounds
What JP Says about the Heater Jr Pitching Machine Fastballs Up To 48 MPH

The main advantage of our new Heater Jr. Baseball Pitching Machine is that there has never been a more reasonably priced entry-level machine. Others in the Heater Junior's category are just plain cheap!

The Heater Jr. is quite easy to use. It has the velocity as well as a variable speed control, ranging from 15 to 48 mph, which is plenty for your youth player(s).

FYI Both machine pitch and coach pitch leagues generally throw right around the 40 mile per hour mark.

When coupled with our optional home batting cage/tunnel of 24 or 48 feet, the maximum 48 mph velocity seems like it's increased due to the short distance between pitching machine and your hitter. Shortening the distance reduces the time to react to a pitch, which is the equivalent of hitting a faster pitch.

The other major feature worth mentioning is the machine's ability to throw a variety of baseball sized balls. from wiffle balls to safety balls to leather baseballs and our recommended yellow machine pitch dimple balls.

Additional Information

Shipping Note Free shipping offer is not valid to addresses outside of the continental United States. This includes addresses within Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Puerto Rico.
Warranty 1 Year
Warranty Details Factory Warranty
Pitch Interval 9 Seconds
Pitch Type Fastballs
Power Supply AC 110v
Ball Capacity 12 Baseball
Choose Outdoor or Indoor/Outdoor Model Here Indoor or Outdoor
Sport Used Baseball
Feeder Yes

How It Works

Here's a few words to pass on to you from my testing of this product:

  1. This machine works best from shorter pitching distances of no more than 46 feet.
  2. Use our yellow machine pitch dimple baseballs, rather than leather or whiffle balls. The dimples offered better accuracy and velocity.
  3. I am more comfortable recommending this machine for younger players up to 11 or perhaps 12 years of age and for those where price is an ultimate deciding factor. Otherwise, you may want to consider our "steel-case" and slightly more expensive 50+ MPH Heater Baseball Pitching Machine or our 60 MPH Heater Combo Pitching Machine.

This Machine Throws:
Baseballs Dimple balls
In Stock
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