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Pitching Machine Basics

Any player who has the ability to walk out the back door to hit is at a distinct advantage over his competition...players just do not swing it enough otherwise!

Coach JP Baseball Tips Owner

Pitching Machine Categories:

*all throw official game weight & size balls though there are a few built for light balls only

Wheel Style Pitching Machines - 1,2,3 & 4 wheel models & optional auto feeders

The most popular types from backyard baseball to pro baseball. They use a spinning wheel(s) & a motor to propel the wheel(s). Most wheel pitching machines have adjustable speed controls & direction adjustments mounted on a steel frame that's attached to a tripod. All run on 110v current & can handle a generator. Most can be purchased as baseball pitching machines, softball pitching machines & some are in a combo unit for both sports. 1 wheel is entry level, 2 wheel are most popular & now 3 & 4 wheels that throw about anything you could want at Major League speeds.

Arm Style Pitching Machines - 4 rack fed & hopper fed models

These are sometimes known as Iron Mike Pitching Machines. That is the made in USA brand you may have seen & used at a commercial batting cage. They weatherproof & tough enough for years of service without trouble. All have auto ball feeders in a rack or a huge hopper that holds hundreds of balls.

Compressed Air & Non Electric Pitching Machines - No electricity needed

Some very clever engineers have created alternative styles that fill particular needs. The Zooka Pitching Machine uses compressed air & rechargeable internal battery that is an engineering wonder. Our UPM 45 Ultimate Pitching Machine is the official model for Cal Ripken baseball & softball machine pitch leagues. It uses a spring loaded concept so needs no electricity.

Bata Twin Pitch Baseball and/or Softball Pitching Machine

  • Uses hardballs, dimple balls, wiffleballs
  • Throws up to 70 MPH
  • Two BATA-1's on a single stand
In Stock
Price From: $2,130.00
  • Works with 110v AC or 1500 watt generator
  • Includes a Toggle Manual Pitch Selector ($60 value)
  • Available in Baseball, Softball, or Baseball/Softball Combo models


One of the disadvantages of pitching machines has always been a lack of pitch variety. Most machines can be set up to throw different pitches, but not on the fly, not random, not like real life. With the Bata Twin Pitch there is no disadvantage. The Twin Pitch pitching machine can bet set up to throw a fastball and change up, or two fastballs in different locations! Not only will this challenge your batters, and make it more fun and interesting for them, but it will prepare them for the variety of pitches they may see during one at bat in a real game situation.

No more boring one pitch at one speed, over and over again. You'll have two pitches to look for, just like real batting!

We also include the new Toggle Manual Pitch Selector, which makes it impossible for the batter to predict which pitch is coming when balls are manually fed into the Twin Pitch.

Additional Information

Warranty 5 Year
Warranty Details Manufacturer limited warranty
Maximum Pitching Speed 70 MPH - Adjustable from 20mph - 70mph
Choose Outdoor or Indoor/Outdoor Model Here Indoor or Outdoor
Sport Used Softball and Baseball
Choose Your Remote Yes, Baseball


BATA machines have our unique Goodyear Rubber Soft-tread pitching wheels. The JUGS and some other off brands have pneumatic (air-filled) tires. Our Soft-Tread wheels are solid, with high tech die-cast flat faced treads, molded onto a machined aluminum core. The JUGS type tires have a convex (rounded) pitching surface, and are mounted on a standard stamped rim, like those used on trailers. The faster the JUGS wheel turns, the more convex it becomes, and perhaps less accurate.


BATA machines are constructed of welded solid steel plate. JUGS machines are constructed primarily of older style sand-castings. Solid steel is several times stronger than sand-castings, therefore we are able to make our machines much lighter (in weight), yet at the same time stronger. BATA machines weigh about 25% less than JUGS machines... and we feel they are stronger!


All our BATA pitching machines have steel plates in front of and behind the pitching wheels. JUGS pitching wheels are fully exposed. We also have heavy-duty steel plate in front of our motors to protect them from line-drive hits. Most other brands do not.

In Stock
Price From: $2,130.00
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