A pitching machine of any type combined with a batting cage of any length is simply the #1 item any ballplayer could ask for!
With the rise in  travel baseball and travel softball popularity, we can now offer you real selection & cost savings on matched sets that include a pitching machine, matching batting cage and the right baseballs & softballs.
I have never coached a ballplayer lucky enough to have the ability to walk out the back door and hit and hit any-day who did NOT turn out to be at very least… a good hitter!
Buying The Right Pitching Machine & Batting Cage Package
I always advise customers to bump up against your budget and select the longest batting cage that fits both budget and available space.
About Batting Cage Length
The length of a batting cage will never dictate future success, so don’t sweat the length. If it were that important, MLB teams would not take regular batting practice from 45 feet on a pitching platform & behind a pitcher’s protective L Screen placed in front of the pitching rubber!

A fastball pitching machine is the standard and least cost.

2,3,4 wheel pitching machines also allow ability to throw curveball, slider & all other MLB pitches.

About Pitching Machine Velocity
Velocity is overrated for batting practice & at shorter distances, the reaction time needed serves the function of significantly increased speeds! A curve ball plus fastball machine is valuable & great for kids from age 11 or so, but should not be a deal breaker.
Why This Can Be A Critical Purchase
Can you imagine your player trying to become successful as a musician if he or she does not own that musical instrument? The magic is all about the opportunity to practice when you can and when you want.
Who gets the opportunity to swing thousands of times is the same player who gets to the top of his game!

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