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Muhl Pitcher's L-Screen - 7' x 7' With 3' x 3' Cut Out

  • Protects pitchers or machines
  • Larger size protects better
  • Heavy double-sided #36 net
In Stock
  • Black powder-coat resists rust
  • This catch net is built to last
  • Can be transported in pickup or large SUV


Our new Pitcher's L Screen is good looking, simple to put together, and well made. The frame is made from 1 1/2" diameter heavy duty 14 gauge 1.6 millimeter black powder-coated steel tubing. The Nets are thick and UV protected for additional protection from the suns damaging rays! This Screen will stand up well to hot summer sun and the constant abrasion from batted or pitched balls. The Pitcher's L Screen should outlast anything else you would find in this price range!!

What JP Says about the Muhl Pitcher's L-Screen - 7' x 7' With 3' x 3' Cut Out

I would never recommend pitching batting practice without a screen to protect coaches or players who throw a batting practice. Whether on the field or in a batting cage there are just too many chances for injury.

Almost any age player can hit one perfectly at anytime, and every year players will get bigger and stronger while so many of us adult coaches get older and slower to react to batted balls.

This is such an issue that exit velocities and weight to length ratios of aluminum bats were scaled back a few seasons ago, much of it to protect pitchers and allow them more time to react to batted balls!

Our backyard L screen is better than standard quality and perfect for most backyard uses. Most of the competing products I see for less money seem to be made from lesser frame & net materials and usually aren't big enough to adequately protect adult-size pitchers.

I would NOT recommend this L screen for training facilities!

Please call us toll free for our heavier duty recommendations between 9 AM and 6 PM M-F


To extend the life of your screens, always store your netting and frames indoors during winter & off-seasons. Cold winter winds are actually very abrasive & will shorten the life of your net. Please check, repair & replace any failed nets. Safety 1st!

Additional Information

Cutout Height 3'
Cutout Width 3'
Lscreen Height 7'
L screen Width 7'
Net Strength #36
In Stock
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