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Best Quality Magnetic Release Bases For Baseball & Softball - Set of 3

  • Bases release on contact
  • 3 Holding-strengths fits all ages
  • Official size bases - 15" x 15" x 3"
  • Little League approved – 2 yr. warranty
  • Fits standard base ground anchors
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Ebook from pro hitting coach, Rob Ellis

  • Complete 3 Base Set Includes Base Covers, Stanchion Pans, Ground Inserts, 3 Interchangeable Plates To Adjust Holding Strength
  • Helps Reduce Risk of Serious Injury
  • Our Best Quality - A Buy-It-Once Product
What JP Says about the Best Quality Magnetic Release Bases For Baseball & Softball - Set of 3

Our Super Base Sets Are a Great League Investment In Avoidable Injuries!

I believe that sliding injuries are one of the two most common and perhaps avoidable injuries in softball or baseball. Many players will slide late and injure legs, ankles, wrists or hands.

 For Many Leagues...its now the law!

According to rule 1.06 of the Little League rulebook, it has become mandatory that all leagues utilize basis that disengage their anchor.

 How Our Magnetic Super Bases Work

Each magnetic base fixture fits onto the metal base plate on the underside of the base cover. You choose which of the three different base plates fit your age group and adjust as players grow.  As player’s slide (many times those dangerous short, late slides), the base cover is forced off its magnetic base, (allowing for a safe "give"). At the end of the play, the base is simply clicked back into place if needed.

 A Note:

Even bases that are built to reduce injuries are no substitute for teaching and using proper sliding so please make sure your league & your coaches accent this important safety measure!

Additional Information

Warranty 2 Year
In Stock
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