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Tracer Radar Gun - #1 Choice of Youth Baseball & Softball

  • Speed range of 5 to 99 MPH
  • Accurate to within 0-2 MPH of pro guns
  • 60' range is ideal for youth fields
  • Affordable for players, parents & coaches!
  • 1 year warranty
In Stock
  • Tuning Fork Ensures Accuracy
  • Soft Carry Case For Transporting & Storing
  • AA Batttery Powered

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The Tracer Radar Gun is great for charting the progress of pitchers and is very easy to use:

just turn it on, point and pull the trigger...and ball speeds will be displayed from up to 60' away.

For advanced users, the Tracer has options found only in top of the line radar guns. A continuous read mode and tripod mounting allow for hands-free operation. With an average speed statistic recall feature, selectable MPH or Km/H speed units, and an impressive battery life, the Tracer has become the radar gun of choice for youth & travel fastpitch!

You can also use the Tracer for measuring the speed of items other than just balls. It will track the speed of just about anything that moves: runners, cars and more. There's even a quick read mode that allows for accurate measurement of golf club or bat swing speeds.

"The Tracer has an unbelievable price for its features and performance!" - Coach JP

What JP Says about the Tracer Radar Gun - #1 Choice of Youth Baseball & Softball

About the Tracer Radar Gun

Sometimes "entry level" means inexpensive and sometimes it means cheap. The Rookie Tracer is the best I have seen of the entry level radar gun models (and believe me, there's some real junk out there).

The Tracer has a lightweight & durable case with easy to read numbers & many features of higher priced models.

I particularly like the continuous mode setting (it must be tripod mounted - we offer tripods if you need one) where it will store the last 10 pitches without my needing to pull the trigger each time. This eliminates the occasional operator-error and allows me to watch my pitcher from anywhere on the field.

The Rookie Tracer will also average the last 10 pitches. This gives coaches a real idea of a pitcher's efficiency and actis as a first clue when they are getting tired or changing their delivery.

Weighing just 0.8 pounds, the Tracer is easy to hold all game long. The battery life is the best in its class, and a low battery indicator means you won't  lose power at the wrong time.

What the Tracer lacks are some bells and whistles of guns costing from $795 and up.but that is to be expected. For youth applications it's absolutely perfect. especially for the modest investment!

Distance and Range

Typically this radar gun will give you a 40-60 foot distance in which you can track the speed of softball. This refers to the distance between anywhere that the ball will travel between the pitcher and catcher. So, unless you are in a larger college or minor league ballpark, you will get consistent, accurate readings. Obviously, this is a non-issue for practice sessions, where I think the greater benefit and reason to own a radar gun is!
(If the Tracer does not fill your needs...please check out our pro line of Stalker Radar Guns!)

Catchers and Position Players

Arm strength is one of the 5 tools that scouts use to judge prospects. Shouldn't youth coaches want to know and track arm strength too? I recommend that you use your radar gun along with keeping a simple log book of your own player(s) and update it a few times each season. It is a great judge of growth and improved mechanics and lets a player know that good practice methods do pay off!

Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year
Radar Accuracy +/- 2 MPH
Radar Case Type Soft Case
Radar Distance 60'
Radar Top Speed 99 MPH
Select Hard Or Soft Case & Optional Display Here Cordless Basic

You can also call 1-800-487-7432 to order from 9-6 EST Monday-Friday

Further Description

Thanks to its point and shoot technology, the Tracer Radar Gun is easy to use. It also comes fully loaded! Check out its options and features:

  • Reads speeds from 5 to 199 MPH
  • Displays speed in MPH or Km/H
  • 3 digit speed display
  • 60' range on balls; over 1,000' on cars
  • Trigger or continuous modes
  • Tripod mount
  • Quick Read mode
  • Average Speed statistic
  • Selectable audio indicator
  • Runs on six standard AAA alkaline batteries
  • 100 hour battery life
  • Auto shutdown to prolong battery life
  • Low battery indicator
  • Power ON / OFF and Mode Option button
  • Average Speed and Mode Select button
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Includes Soft Case and Speed Tuning Fork
  • Made in the USA
Tracer Radar Gun
In Stock
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