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Soft Toss Machines & Catch Net Batting Stations Short Cut Page

  • 1st - Select one of our soft toss machines
  • 2nd - Select a matching catch net
  • 3rd - Take thousands of swings you'd never get otherwise
  • Don't Be Surprised By Your Improvement!
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Tru-Toss Soft Toss Machine
Heater Big League Pro, Rechargeable
Heater Big League Pro, Battery Operated
Baseball 7’ x 7’ Sock Net Baseball Screen - 53 lbs
The Zip Net - Catch Net
  • #1 Portable Choice - Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss & Hurricane Net
  • #1 Permanent Station - Wheeler Dealer & ZIP Net
  • #1 Entry Level Station - Big League Soft Toss & Spring Away Catch Net
What JP Says about the Soft Toss Machines & Catch Net Batting Stations Short Cut Page

You MUST Take A Lot Of Soft Toss Swings!

Building A Baseball Swing Takes A Building Block Approach. It's tee work, soft toss, front toss live swings (I'd add dry swings if I were you).

Just like hitting off a batting tee station is incredibly important, so is having a soft toss station. These are as important as the live hitting you take! Both are done with a simple batting tee station and a soft toss station and neither require more than one player or a large area and are used 12 months a year if you like.

Just consider how muscle memorizing a well built swing will allow you the game after game production you have always wished for yourself and your ballclub. And how else can you keep these repeatable mechanics tuned than to be able to easily spend time on it every day (assuming you have the heart & desire for it). 

Our Wheeler Dealer Automatic Soft Toss Machine is my favorite and if it fits your budget, I'd be all over it. Our Tru Toss Soft Toss works well but needs a bit more space and takes a more to adjust.  Our entry level Big League Soft Toss is the most inexpensive model we have offered, and if that's all that is in your budget... buy one immediately... you will use it with no regrets! 

How About Choosing A Catch Net?

Choose based on the space and budget you have. Some are more protable than others, some are made for specific area like our ZIP Net, that fits inside a garage door opening or hung like a curtain in your basement or any indoor wall-to-wall application. It's really that simple

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