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Name E-mail Phone
Dean Sato dean.sato@verizon.net 808-306-8282
Type Of Instruction Rate
Hitting for Baseball and Softball $40/half-hour
Dean Sato provided the following info:

Featuring hand-eye drills and balance. We give a very intense eye training exercise before doing the batting lessons. We not only instruct hitting, but work on the mental side to the approach of the game. By appointments only.


Name E-mail Phone
Keys 2 Success Softball WLKeys2Success@aol.com 808-699-4281
Type Of Instruction Rate
Windmill Pitching $30/hr or $275
Lisa Keys provided the following info:

We have been training young women for 14 years. We offer individual training for $30 per hour. We also offer a 20 week progressive winter clinic for $275 which includes one hour of pitching instruction plus 15-20 minutes of strength/flexibility/endurance training. We train beginners through advanced pitchers.


Name E-mail Phone
Sardinha Brothers kahukuuku@yahoo.com 808-927-2545
Type Of Instruction Rate
Hitting, Pitching, Fielding $50/hour
Sardinha Brothers provided the following info:

A trio of brothers involved in minor league baseball that will offer help in any aspect of the game that you or ourselves see fit.

Name E-mail Phone
Coach Dean Sato dean.sato@hawaiiantel.net 808-306-8282
Type Of Instruction Rate
Show Case Tournaments and Camps Varies
Coach Dean Sato provided the following info:

Been taking Hawaii’s Top High School Players to showcase
camps, tournaments, and instructional camps for over 14 years. For
more information call Dean @ 808-306-8282

Web Site URL: www.baseballpinetar.com


Name E-mail Phone
Kenny Harrison khohana@hawaii.rr.com 808-382-6945
Type Of Instruction Rate
Hitting (Faults and Fixes) Call
Kenny Harrison provided the following info:

Learn how to hit correctly from one of Hawaii\’s greatest hitters of all time. Kenny was a 1st team All-American,WAC Player of the Year and had experience hitting against top Japan and US professional pitchers.(Mike Mussina,Darren Driefort to name a few). Want to be a successful hitter? Call now to reserve your batting instruction today!

Web Site URL:


Name E-mail Phone
Barry Takahashi bapmaui@earthlink.net 808-250-6835
Type Of Instruction Rate
Baseball Skills, Strength & Conditioning Varies
Barry Takahashi provided the following info:

Team & personal training for tee ball thru professional players. Training focuses on baseball skill enhancement, injury prevention, and mechanical efficiency.


Name E-mail Phone
Billy Duhay bduhay@hawaiiantel.net 561-3661
Type Of Instruction Rate
Pitching and Hitting $40/hour
Billy Duhay provided the following info:

Will teach them the mechanics of pitching and how to be a pitcher and not just a thrower. Will be able to analyze the players current mechanics in pitching and hitting and adjust them according to their natural physical ablilities and get results.

Web Site URL:

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