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Baseball Tips Baseball & Softball Instructors: Utah

Utah Instructors Resource

Davis County

Name E-mail Phone
David Wilkinson execshine@yahoo.com 801-546-6209
Type Of Instruction Rate
Hitting $40/hour
David Wilkinson provided the following info:

Looking for players who desire to be winners both on and off the field. Have coached and played at all levels from Little League to College. References available. Call to get more information and learn how we can take your game to the next level.


Name E-mail Phone
Jeremy Butterbaugh jeremybutterbaugh@hotmail.com 801-495-0136
Type Of Instruction Rate
Hitting, Fielding, All aspects of the game $35/hour
Jeremy Butterbaugh provided the following info:

Will teach the fundamentals of hitting and fielding, emphasis on outfield play but will also instruct infielders. Players must have strong desire to work hard and learn the fundamentals of the game. Will work with all skill levels and ages.


Name E-mail Phone
Tiffani Jackson tiffani.hemphill@gmail.com 951-204-2782
Type Of Instruction Rate
Softball Pitching Lessons $25/35 mins.
Tiffani Jackson provided the following info:

I pitched for 12 years and went to Dixie State College on a full ride scholarship. I took lessons for six years and have taught them off and on for awhile. I just moved to the area and I want to get back into it. Call if you have questions!

Web Site URL:


Name E-mail Phone
Jacqueline Decker jacquelined23@yahoo.com 801-663-4818
Type Of Instruction Rate
Pitching/Hitting $40
Jacqueline Decker provided the following info:

Played D1 softball at the University of Utah, Pitched at Porterville Jr. College in California. Nominated Central Valley Conference Athlete 2008. Assistant Coach and Northridge High School 2003-2004, Curently Layton High School Assitant Softball Coach Instructed both group and individual pitching and hitting lessons for 3 years.

Salt Lake City

Name E-mail Phone
Howard Nakagama hnakagama@hotmail.com 801-599-2329
Type Of Instruction Rate
Specializing in Hitting and Pitching $60/hour
Howard Nakagama provided the following info:

I am currently a part time scout for the White Sox. I have 30 plus years of experience coaching youth baseball. Players will learn the fundamentals of hitting and pitching. I will provide them with drills (copies or the drills) that will reinforce proper mechanics. I will work with them on strategy and the mental part of the game as well. Also, how the pros analyze pitchers and hitters to become better players.

Name E-mail Phone
Cami Carter camicarter20@yahoo.com 801-897-8898
Type Of Instruction Rate
Fastpitch Softball Pitching $40/hour
Cami Carter provided the following info:

Pitched for Oklahoma State University, played at Alta High School. Trained under Lisa Hall, Kim Ward, Margaret Rebenar, Lauren Bay. I have 8 years experience teaching private lessons and teach athletes from ages 8 to 18.

Name E-mail Phone
Matt Gomez de Segura gomezm30@hotmail.com 801-557-6784
Type Of Instruction Rate
Pitching Lessons 60/hr.
Matt Gomez de Segura provided the following info:

From beginner to advanced I can help your son improve mechanically and mentally, to become the best baseball player possible. I work hard but have fun doing it. If you have any questions please call and ask. I will do my best to accomodate in any way possible.

Name E-mail Phone
R.C. Raso C700raso@yahoo.com 801-521-2680
Type Of Instruction Rate
Pitching, Fielding, Batting $35/hour
R.C. Raso provided the following info:

Lessons taught by former semi-pro & 3-time Babe Ruth state champion baseball player. Get instruction on all the fundamentals of baseball. Use some players in my Rocky Mt. Super League teams.


Name E-mail Phone
Debbie Bilbao coachb@utahbullets.com 801-913-2992
Type Of Instruction Rate
Fastpitch: Pitching, Hitting, Defense, Speed / Agility, Coaching instruction, recruiting $60 per hour
Debbie Bilbao provided the following info:

I was a 3 time NCAA Division I All-American. I was recently inducted into the University of Iowas Athletics Hall of Fame. I have coached division I softball for 10 years. I specialize in all aspects fastpitch. I have given private lessons for 6 years.

Stansbury City

Name E-mail Phone
Eric Nelson starside8@hotmail.com 801-635-7235
Type Of Instruction Rate
Pitching Fundamentals $35/hour
Eric Nelson provided the following info:

Pitching fundamentals from a former professional relief pitcher. Currently a member of the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association and clinic instructor for America\'s Baseball Camps. Will work with players anywhere along the Wasatch Front.


Name E-mail Phone
Kasey Thompson bhouse@sisna.com 435-257-2448
Type Of Instruction Rate
Infield Defense and Hitting $50/hour
Kasey Thompson provided the following info:

Emphasis will be placed on fundamentals first followed by foot, hand and arm speed. Next, focus will be on execution (putting it all together) and lastly understanding intangibles (work ethic, attitude, desire and dedication). I ask each player to accept each session as a challenge to get better.

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