High 5 Drill

This is a drill developed by Tom House that works well with the ThrowMax.

High 5 Drill

1.  Have your player put the balls of his feet on a line with his feet spread shoulder wide. For orientation we are going to pretend this is the first base line. If the player is right handed, have his right hand toward first base and his left hand toward home. Shoulders should be aligned with the base line.

2.  You (the parent or helper) stand on the home base side of the player with your feet straddling the first base line.

3.  Hold the player’s glove (left) hand in your right hand. Make sure the player’s left elbow is shoulder high, his glove hand is shoulder high or higher, and that his front (left) arm is only slightly bent, with the elbow pointed straight down the first base line.

4.  Hold your left hand up about as far in front of your body as your right hand, but about 18 inches higher and about 12 inches to your left. This is where the ball should be released.

5.  Have the player’s right (throwing) arm in the high cocked position, with the elbow shoulder high or higher and the forearm vertical: his arm should be in an “L” shape, bent at the elbow. The palm should be facing first base. If the player were to look back at his throwing hand, he would see the back of his fingers.

6.  Have player take a small step towards home base with his left foot while pushing his left hand against your right hand. Have him twist his hips towards you (the hips square towards the target) while pretending to squish a bug with the ball of his right foot as his right hand moves forward to slap your left hand.

7.  The slapping of hands should occur further in front than the player’s head and off to his right side. This is where the ball should be released on a throw. The player will be able to feel the pressure on his throwing arm from the ThrowMax as the arm stays bent until it straightens out in front at the hand slap (or ball release). There is no way that a player can slap your hand in this drill using a side arm motion.

8.  How can a player practice his throwing motion using the ThrowMax without a partner? He can simply roll up a sock and throw at his reflection in a mirror or window. A 2’ x 4’ Plexiglas mirror is perfect for this. A sliding glass window will do. This practice will allow the player to both see what he is doing and to learn the feeling of a proper throw motion.

9.  Go outside and play catch. Have the player start from the high cocked position, step, and throw. Practice hand slaps in the high cocked position. Then just play catch and long toss. The player will see the difference in how far he can throw.

10.  Players learn by seeing, hearing and feeling. The ThrowMax will allow him to feel the overhand motion.
Hope this helps,
Coach JP

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