Great Habits for the New Season

These habits can start with us here at Baseball Articles. We can help you by supplying some direction so that you might enjoy the game more this season.

1ST AND FOREMOST, decide if and what you want to do better this year. To become a better coach, a better hitter, baseball parent or whatever, but decide a major point of improvement here and now.

Be specific. Break a major bad habit and focus on that change. Make it THAT ONE MAJOR THING that irritates you about how you approach the game. Leave all the minor and other things for later. If you’re like most players and coaches, the areas of concern are along the lines of: Lack of planning & lack of preparation,tardiness/timeliness, and the flat out refusal to change.

If you continue to do the same things the same way, you will continue to get the same results…expect it!!!

I cannot stress this enough. The above statement alone should influence you to make just one major change for the better!

Take a few moments to stop reading this and really think this through. . . and find THAT ONE THING!  DO IT NOW!  I’ll wait…

Remember, if you’ve just made an honest evaluation on what aspect of the game you need and want to most improve on, you’ve just gained something great! A worth-it reason to be around such a fun game! Hopefully it was that one thing you have been meaning to improve on!
Now let’s get to the second part: Getting it done.

Check out Plan to Succeed, possibly the most important article I’ve ever written. Please read it, save it, print it out, make copies and give it away to anyone you think might benefit.

This article will give you the blueprint to better coaching from a coaching perspective. It’s how to have more fun, get great results and do it in far less time. Sound good? It’s great stuff, very powerful, yet simple. And yet many youth coaches and parents will say “great idea,” but may never follow these simple suggestions!
WHY? Because we’re human . . . creatures of habit.

Be the guy who will attempt these changes. In theory, you are that guy because you’ve logged on to and are reading this article and are trying to improve. Good for you!

NOTE: Will you at least read (or re-read) the following with an open mind to immediately begin becoming a better mentor to a dozen ballplayers, or at least your own ballplayer?

My only motive is to save you time, increase your enjoyment, and help you become one great baseball Dad/Coach. I hope you’ll give it a try.

Coach John PeterCoach John Peter, presently aged 50 something, is the publisher of Baseball and a lifelong student of the greatest game on earth. After being asked to find a more suitable occupation at age 26, many seasons after donning his first uni at age 7, he has transcended his skills into the much more important role of coach and especially as an instructor. He prides himself as never having charged any player or coach for a single lesson! “This game has been wonderful to my family and has afforded me a lifestyle to instruct any local player or coach who seeks my knowledge without charge!”

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