Getting Back Into Shape

I need to get back into baseball shape. What can I do?


Coach Swift answers:
I would suggest that you do exactly what you would normally do to get back into shape for any activity.

Start out with a walking/running program, a stretching exercises program (something that I think is exceptionally important for baseball), and some type of weight program. This will take care of your general overall body fitness.

You should begin a long toss program to strengthen and rebuild your arm. We happen to have an excellent one called “Thrive on Throwing” at Baseball Tips.

Take your bat and go to a batting cage to hit as often as you can. Your goal is to get your timing back, which is what most Major Leaguers spend their time doing in Spring Training.

To succeed you must create a plan for the next six weeks, or whatever timeframe you have to get ready for real games. Then you have to follow that schedule to accomplish your goal.

There are several stretching and weightlifting programs on the Internet that will help you accomplish whatever you want. Combine them with running/walking, a throwing program and hitting practice at the cage and you should be well on your way to playing baseball again at the level you would like.


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