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Heater Slider Pitching Machine - Uses Slider Balls

  • A great 1st pitching machine - You Control Speed
  • Just plug in & hit - Includes Free Auto Ball Feeder
  • Batting practice anytime of year - Inside or Out
  • Throws fastballs up To 60 MPH & RH/ LH curves!
In Stock
Free shipping not valid to addresses outside of the continental USA.
Please call to complete your order at 1-800-487-7432.
FREE Bonus...

Ebook from pro hitting coach, Rob Ellis


The Slider Lite-Ball Baseball Pitching Machine Throws Fastballs & Curve Balls Too!

The powerful A/C motor throws lite-balls at variable speeds up to 60 miles per hour. The Slider also includes an automatic ball feeder that holds 12 lite-balls. Just turn on the feeder and each ball is dropped into the Slider pitching machine every 9 seconds. Take batting practice without the need for another player. And with a simple swivel adjustment you can also hit fastballs and curve balls. Plug the Slider into any standard wall outlet & hit! You may also consider the optional Power Alley or Xtender Backyard Batting Cages and improve your hitting right in your own backyard.

What JP Says about the Heater Slider Pitching Machine - Uses Slider Balls

Does Hitting A Light Ball Cause Any Negative Swing Mechanics?

I've been asked often as to whether hitting a lighter ball is a good or bad idea... It just seems wrong to some. The answer is really quite simple... there is no difference. I don't care if you are swinging at rocks...
Keep Swinging & Keep Learning!

The difference-maker may very well be whether players swing enough... and are they doing it correctly!

The more important aspect is "correct" and "more" and with that in mind, another bright garage engineer came up with lighter balls that require less power to propel them and lighter weight portable backyard batting cages that will withstand these lighter weight balls!

More Batting Practice Swings & Less Cost!

The Heater Slider is great where limited size backyards & perhaps budget is the difference between having a backyard batting station! I've met very few good young hitters who didn't like playing the game of baseball but I have met many who left the game before finding out how good they actually could be. So, any player who is so fortunate to be able to swing a lot can get very good, very quick and then find out how far it takes them. It almost has to be in the backyard unless there is a very interested parent with tons of available spare time and who want to get in the car every time their player wants to hit.

And now, with more inexpensive lighter-weight backyard baseball pitching machines, balls and batting cages... it becomes a no brainer to afford... and they fit small backyards!

You Now Have Options Like Never Before!

  • Slider Lite Ball Pitching Machine 
  • Slider & 20 ft. long Power Alley Backyard Batting Cage

Start With Your Budget & Go From There

If you have read this far, the Slider Pitching Machine is probably of interest and in your price range, so let's complete the thought process and talk about pushing forward or moving away from it.

A batting cage is truly an important piece because too many pitching machines get left under-used... probably in the garage. Adding a small footprint, portable batting cage right out your back door... and pitching machine use goes way up... translating into thousands more swings & a much improved hitter... which makes players want to hit even more... which turns them into an even better hitter!

With a lite ball pitching machine like the Heater Slider, you can add an inexpensive 22 foot long Power Alley Batting Cage for an unbelievably low price and be up and running in an hour after you receive the boxes from UPS (around 7 or so days).

Additional Information

Shipping Note Free shipping offer is not valid to addresses outside of the continental United States. This includes addresses within Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Puerto Rico.
Warranty 1 Year
Warranty Details 1 year manufacturers warranty for parts and labor.
Maximum Pitching Speed 60 MPH
Pitch Interval 9 Seconds
Pitch Type Fastball, RH & LH Curve/Slider
Power Supply AC Plug
Ball Capacity 12 Lite Ball
Choose Outdoor or Indoor/Outdoor Model Here Indoor or Outdoor
Sport Used Baseball
Feeder Yes
In Stock
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