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Coach's Guide To Winning The Mental Game

  • Learn The Secrets Of Peak Performers
  • Learn To Let Your Mind Lead Your Body
  • Includes Free $24 Bonus Dvd From The Author!
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  • Cure Your Weak Points Now!
  • Get Your Baseball Mind Right!
  • Quit Throwing Away Pitches & At Bats!


Mental Baseball Training - For Youth Baseball Coaches & Players

Learn From This Dynamic Baseball Author & Coach, Aaron Weintraub:

  • Why do your athletes perform well at certain times and poorly at others?
  • Why do so many work hard and have the capability, but still fail to get the results they consistently expect and deserve?
  • This book will guide any coach or player who wants to teach athletes how to bridge the gap between potential and performance and consistent give their best effort!

Just Check Out These Chapter Headings (JP's thoughts)

  1. Control (what you can & can't is of ultimate importance)
  2. Awareness
  3. Discipline (you are what you repeatedly do – Aristotle)
  4. Peak Performance (you must identify what it is to get there)
  5. Motivation (you've got to "want it")
  6. Perspective (you will ultimately remember the game, not the wins)
  7. Respect For The Game & Intensity
  8. Self Talk (this is big!)
  9. Confidence (I promise you can learn this!)
  10. Arousal Control
  11. Enjoy Your Job (baseball years go quick – have some fun)
  12. Preparation (sometimes, you must plan to plan)
  13. Know Your Job
  14. Imagery
  15. Routines (learning to trust your stuff)
  16. Anchoring
  17. Presentness (one pitch at a time, one anything at a time)
  18. Concentration & Focus
  19. Pressure (you can only do your best... that's it)
  20. Do Your Job (you can only do your best... that's it)
  21. Appropriate Adjustments (now your best can be better)
  22. Goal Setting (now your best can be even better)
What JP Says about the Coach's Guide To Winning The Mental Game

Some Of The Best Baseball Talent Never Makes It Past "A" Ball!

Look, everybody throws 90 (mph) in the show. That's a given. I had 2 High School pitchers who threw over 90 during the summer of their Junior year... I asked them what their summer jobs were... both had typical fast food jobs. I then mentioned that they both threw harder than the most successful Big League Pitcher then playing for the Atlanta Braves (their hometown)... That was Greg Maddux who was currently making 13 million a year while these two knucklehead- flamethrowers were flipping burgers... for minimum wage.

We all had a good laugh but the reality was right in front of them... and they "got it".

We All Need To "Get It" At Some Point... age 12 is a good place to start

The longer you play this game, the closer you are coming to understanding how success is as much related to using and training your mind and not just your body!

Baseball Coaches Need It Too... So Let's All Work On Our Weak Points!

As players and coaches, we are all strong in some areas and less skilled in others. We also tend to work on the physical skills that we need to improve... but how often do we really work on our minds?

In Summary

We've all heard about sports psychology... but what is it? Try this definition and see if it makes $24.95 worth of sense to you:

Sports Psychology Is The Study Of What Successful Athletes Do!

You too can teach and learn how and why athletes perform so well at times... and not at other times. I know this resource and Coach Weintraub can help anyone.

Add Our Quality At Bats Audio CD or The DVD

Please consider adding the audio cd to your iPod. There are tons of pro players who listen to this over and over. The dvd is a great lecture given to some blue chip High school players at Cal State Irvine and worth it as well.

The author, Steve Springer is the performance coach (he works with the minds of young Toronto Blue Jays hitters). After 13 yrs of pro ball covering over 6000 at bats, he is the real deal. I swear he played with or against everyone in the Big Leagues except Babe Ruth…lol This guy has seen a lot and is one of the great teachers of the game!

You will be privileged to share the same unique insights he shares with young Blue Jays hitters who are just now looking for this edge.

...And why is this stuff important to them?

Because everyone throws 90 in the show!

Get ahead in this game now. Why wait!

Additional Information

Author Aaron Weintraub
Page Count 197 pages
In Stock
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