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Pro Weighted Mound Covers, Home Plate Covers & Base Covers

  • Sewn-in perimeter weights - stays in place!
  • NEW heaver 18 oz. material - lasts longer!
  • On & off fields quick - saves rainouts!
  • 2 year warranty on homeplate & mound covers
  • Standard color is forest green
  • Team colors - No upcharge (allow 2+ weeks)
In Stock
Price From: $209.00
  • UV protected from sun damage
  • Rot & mildew protected from dampness
  • Withstands winter temperatures down to -40F
  • School colors are available(allow 2-3 weeks for delivery)


CoverSports has got you covered with their FieldSaver line of pitching mound and homeplate covers.

We can make your field tarp in any of the following colors:

Base cover colors.

Standard color in stock is Forest Green. All other colors take two weeks to make. Please keep that in mind if you have a deadline.

These infield tarps are waterproof and stay in place, thanks to weighted ball bearings that are inserted inside of a urethane sleeve that is sewn into the perimeter. The 10' square shape will cover almost all base areas.

Our Major League style, 36-sided design is almost a perfect circle that, if properly installed, will not harm the surrounding infield grass. The 36 point, near circle shape was specifically designed to fit neatly into the mound or home base dirt circle. The tarp will provide optimum long-term day coverage, winter protection or dirt moisture management.

Designed to keep your baseball field game-ready regardless of weather conditions, our FieldSaver Mound and Homeplate Covers are made from 18 oz. vinyl. The tarp's rip-resistant woven fabric is rot and mildew resistant, while the heat welded seams assure complete waterproof protection.

The base cover comes in the standard athletic color of forest green, although 13 other colors are available at no upcharge (they just require a 2 week delivery time).



What JP Says about the Pro Weighted Mound Covers, Home Plate Covers & Base Covers

Mother nature can create dangerous playing conditions and cause costly damage to your pitching mound and homeplate.

Old School on Mound and Homeplate Covers -

In past years, we bought a mound cover and home plate cover made of some tarp material that was within budget and when it wore out we bought another one.

We weighed down those lightweight covers with anything that was convenient and generally cheap or free. Old tires, chairs, sand bags, cans filled with cement and a rope handle…ever see tubes of PVC cut to 1' lengths & filled with cement. with a convenient carry handle? Quite creative.and it takes half a team to deal with it. twice a day.ugh!

Spot tarps certainly make sense. However, it is tiring and really barbaric to still be using cheap, lightweight vinyl products that are probably not going to last!

New School on Mound and Homeplate Covers -

Over the last few years some creative people have produced much better alternatives. and for reasonable prices too!

These mound and homeplate covers are spot field covers designed to protect and moisture manage your pitcher's mounds, home plate areas, bases and bullpens by adding weight to the perimeter of their heavy PVC fabric. Since the weight is woven into the fabric, there are no additional weights required to keep the tarp in place. So put away those cement filled cans!

This new breed of tarp can be taken on and off your infield quicker and easier and they are UV dipped for protection from the sun's harmful rays, plus they resist cracking from cold and winter season!

Additional Information

Warranty 2 Year
Warranty Details
About the Manufacturer & Warranty Info

CoverSports knows what they're doing. They've been making protective covers since 1874… that's well over a century of experience! Their baseball tarps carry a full 2-year warranty against fabric and manufacturing defects, and you can expect them to last a long, long time!

Added Misc Information On This Product

Our newest weighted baseball tarps are also heaviest & most durable! Stop adding weights to cheap field tarps. It takes too many people & it’s too late when rain is coming down. Here’s our 21st century baseball solution to the old problem of quickly covering pitchers mounds, home plate & bases too.

In Stock
Price From: $209.00
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