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Category: Pitching

Flying Open: A Common Mechanical Pitching Fault

Flying Open: A Common Mechanical Pitching Fault

"FLYING OPEN"Flying open early during the stride and cocking phase is a common fault experienced by all pitchers no matter of age or experience. Young high school and college pitchers have to learn HOW to stay closed, and experienced pitchers must FOCUS on staying...

Common Causes of Pitching Arm Injuries

The most common causes of pitching arm injuries to high school, college, and professional pitchers are overload, overuse, lack of proper conditioning, and improper throwing mechanics. Overload is the result of throwing too many pitches during one outing. Maximum pitch...

Pitching Burnout in Baseball

At one time or another, a pitcher can have a tired or stale arm. This can happen on the youth level just as it happens on the professional level. In youth baseball, pitchers are even more susceptible, especially during All-Star time if pitching rules are relaxed and...

Use Batting Practice as Pitching Practice

How many times have you heard the cliches that coaches yell at their pitchers when they are struggling to throw strikes? You do not have to strike everyone out. Get ahead. Let your fielders help you out. Throw it over and make him hit it. From a personal standpoint,...

Count Strikes.Not Strikeouts

"Have you ever thrown the ball so hard that the umpire said JEEZ, that's so hard I'm going to give you two strikes?" I asked the soon to be first round draft pick. "Then you can't strike anyone out until you have two strikes. Is it possible to get someone out on the...

Correct Pitching Mechanics by Playing Catch

While being involved in public education for the past twenty years, I have come to accept the constant scrutiny in teaching techniques. There always seems to be pressure to come up with a better way to educate today's youth; invariably, the public asks educators to...

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