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Pitching Machine Basics

Any player who has the ability to walk out the back door to hit is at a distinct advantage over his competition...players just do not swing it enough otherwise!

Coach JP Baseball Tips Owner

Pitching Machine Categories:

*all throw official game weight & size balls though there are a few built for light balls only

Wheel Style Pitching Machines - 1,2,3 & 4 wheel models & optional auto feeders

The most popular types from backyard baseball to pro baseball. They use a spinning wheel(s) & a motor to propel the wheel(s). Most wheel pitching machines have adjustable speed controls & direction adjustments mounted on a steel frame that's attached to a tripod. All run on 110v current & can handle a generator. Most can be purchased as baseball pitching machines, softball pitching machines & some are in a combo unit for both sports. 1 wheel is entry level, 2 wheel are most popular & now 3 & 4 wheels that throw about anything you could want at Major League speeds.

Arm Style Pitching Machines - 4 rack fed & hopper fed models

These are sometimes known as Iron Mike Pitching Machines. That is the made in USA brand you may have seen & used at a commercial batting cage. They weatherproof & tough enough for years of service without trouble. All have auto ball feeders in a rack or a huge hopper that holds hundreds of balls.

Compressed Air & Non Electric Pitching Machines - No electricity needed

Some very clever engineers have created alternative styles that fill particular needs. The Zooka Pitching Machine uses compressed air & rechargeable internal battery that is an engineering wonder. Our UPM 45 Ultimate Pitching Machine is the official model for Cal Ripken baseball & softball machine pitch leagues. It uses a spring loaded concept so needs no electricity.

Tru-Toss Soft Toss Machine

  • A backyard baseball or team quality toss machine
  • Throws consistent soft toss each repetition
  • Easily adjustable for all parts of the strikezone
  • Great for any ballpark - no electrical power needed
  • Holds 15 baseballs or 12 softballs
In Stock
  • Allows hitters to get the repetition and rhythm necessary to become a great hitter
  • Work on pitches low in the zone, high in the zone, inside or outside
  • Allows plenty of time from ball release to delivery for best load & swing


Constructed of 14-gauge powder coated steel. Adjustable rebounder. Release lever releases one ball at a time when depressed with bat. Ships at 45 pounds. Ships in 1 box: Box 1 of 48'' x 12"x 6"

Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year
Age Range 9 and up
Choose Outdoor or Indoor/Outdoor Model Here Indoor or Outdoor
In Stock
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