Buying An Arm Style Pitching Machine

Which Iron Mike Pitching Machine Do I Buy?

Probably the greatest tools a team could want that will make the single biggest impact on a team of budding ballplayers is a Arm style pitching machine & batting cage!

If the arm style machine is your favorite style (I figure almost all 30 MLB teams use them), then the Iron Mike pitching machine is your play! It is the original and still the standard and has been manufactured by Master Pitching Machine Company since 1957!

Which is Iron Mike Pitching Machine & What’s The Difference?

Here It Is In A Nutshell
There are 3 adult machines and one youth trainer.

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Common Qualities
They are all very heavy duty, simple to use, arrive almost completely set up,
ship by truck line, can be used and left outside all year long
(yes, purchasing a cover is a great idea), will accept leather balls or

machine pitch dimple balls, and throw between 25-85 mph due to the fact that all adult models share the same motor, drive system, electronics, etc. Note that the C 82 trainer has a variable velocity up to the 60+ MPH range
We also include a corded remote control for increased control.

Rack Fed or Hopper Fed Is The Big Decision
Note: It’s the delivery system that separates the 2 types.

The Basic Rack Fed Model (MP-5)
(ball capacity of 38 baseballs or 28 softballs)
This is perfect for those with 1 or 2 players in a family or where team budget is an issue. You sacrifice no quality or velocity!

It is the only adult model that has transport wheels and, though not what I would call portable, it certainly is moveable for one to two people.  The limitations are the rack itself. At roughly 10 swings per minute, you reload every 4 minutes for baseball & every 3 minutes for softball.  You load the machine by hand-filling the “rack or trough” …an easy 30-second process. (The C 82 trainer is also a rack fed model)

The Pro Hopper Fed (MP-4) & Model Basic Hopper Fed (MP-6) models (ball capacity of 600 baseballs or 400 softballs)

The two hopper fed models look identical, though there is a $400 difference between the Basic MP-6 and the Pro MP-4

That extra investment in the MP 4 Pro model includes

  1. 55 pounds of added steel reinforcement welded into the front of the unit
  2. The Positive Feed Mechanism, which keeps balls flowing and eliminates the occasional pitch interruptions that happen when using leather seamed balls (not necessary when using dimple balls as they do not have seams)

About the additional steel reinforcement
This is a good idea for those wanting added protection for balls hit off the machine itself. For those choosing the Basic Hopper fed MP-6 model, we offer a protective screen known as the machine guard. This is a large net with a frame that covers the entire exposed machine front and solves the “added protection” problem.
Loading Up To 600 Baseballs or 400 Softballs

The biggest advantage of the hopper-fed models is the large number of balls it will hold and that you can simply dump buckets-full of balls into the large hopper ….a 5-second process!

In Summary

The most important decision you can make is to invest in a pitching machine and a batting cage that fits your budget, your player(s) and your backyard or ball field.

After that, if an arm style machine fits your needs, I would examine your budget.
The hopper style machines offer the ability to hit a maximum of 600 baseballs or 400 softballs without reloading; a real convenience that will increase efficiency.
The rack style machine offers more portability and cost savings.

FYI – Remember, call us toll-free when you are ready to talk further.
Don’t forget to ask us about our 14 different batting cages too!

You will speak to a coach who knows & uses Iron Mike Pitching Machines & has worked with The Master Pitching Machine company for well over a decade!
Get your questions answered … you sure don’t want to buy this stuff twice!
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Hope this helps you make your best decision!

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