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Blue Flame Pitching Machine Model UPM 45

  • Inexpensive... Spring Tension Powered
  • Adjustable Speeds... Used by All Ages
  • Almost Unbreakable... Metal Construction
  • Approved For Most Pitching Machine Leagues
  • Now Authorized For Babe Ruth Baseball & Softball, Cal Ripken Division of Babe Ruth Baseball, Pony League Baseball & Softball
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  • Throws A Strike Every Time
  • Perfect for Pregame & Batting Practice
  • Throws ANY Type of Ball
  • Favorite of Machine Pitch Leagues
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"The Official Pitching Machine of 
Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Baseball"

The Ultimate Pitching Machine was designed to give you extra hitting time between your practices & games and is perfect for the travel team that does not want to haul a heavy motorized machine. Its light weight makes it extremely portable and no electricity is required.

A great entry level pitching machine, the Ultimate is the most affordable real-softball throwing machine that we have ever tested and can throw ANY type of ball, including baseballs, tennis, poly, and whiffle balls. Hundreds of leagues have made it mandatory to use in Coach's Pitch games in place of the coach. A key benefit for Coach Pitch Leagues is that the machine will throw as slow as 18 MPH, yet still maintain pitch consistency.

This is a product that you see a lot around the elite travel fastpitch teams...with good reason. It takes up little space, sets up quickly and doesn't require any power source to operate while throwing perfect strikes! There's no better way to "throw" batting practice!


Blue Flame UPM 45 18-45 mph 30 lbs. Optional protective screen size 4' wide x 6' High x 3' deep 12 lbs.
What JP Says about the Blue Flame Pitching Machine Model UPM 45

The Most Accurate Pitching Machine We Sell!

Every softball pitching machine we sell is designed to fit a particular need so no softball pitching machine can be called the absolute best. Our Louisville UPM 45 model is the best choice for backyard softball training on a budget, and travel softball teams who never know if their will be any electrical power at the next ballpark.

It adjusts for speeds up to 45 mph and will throw wiffle balls, game balls and machine pitch dimple softballs too. Actually, you can throw about anything from a golf ball to a soccer ball. 
Just turning simple adjustments to change speeds and angle, you can easily throw ground balls and fly balls as well as accurate batting practice for your entire team.

Check Out The Matching Pitchers & Fielders Screen Click Here
I like this matching screen too. It breaks down easily and fits in your trunk and at 4 ft wide by 6 ft high, it is just large enough to cover most adults and still allows for easy delivery of pitched balls through the cutout that’s an optimal height to deliver softball pitches in a realistic pitch height. It’s not a nightmare to put up and put away and for its price, you can’t beat it.

Mine has lasted many years and is still going strong.

Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year
Sport Used Softball and Baseball

The Ultimate's throwing mechanics are far more similar to that of an actual pitcher than a pitching machine with wheels. You load a ball on the arm, pull back the lever, and the arm release delivers the ball. The speed of the pitch is adjusted by setting the spring pin on the foot lever mechanism.


Consistency & Accuracy

  • Throws accurate strikes consistently
  • Throws consistently at the set speed
  • Use to replace live, inconsistent throwing for coach pitch games


  • The hitter knows where the ball is pitched
  • Helps hitters overcome the fear of the ball
  • Allows hitters to work on specific location
  • Help's sharpen hitter's muscle memory


  • Throws baseballs, softballs, and safety balls of all sizes and ball covers
  • Pitches any ball, from a ping pong ball to a soccer ball
  • Can be set to throw fly balls, line drives and grounders
  • Easily adjustable speed and location
  • Designed for all ages and skill levels


  • No need to buy special balls
  • Won't rip leather or synthetic ball covers
  • No electricity required
  • Lightweight and portable - only 25 pounds
  • Requires virtually no maintenance
  • The best and most consistent pitching machine at any price point
  • The original spring lasts for at least 20,000 pitches and replacements are cheap

This Machine Throws:

 Leather Baseballs  Softballs

  Machine Dimple Balls  Wiffle Poly Balls

  Tennis Balls

Ultimate Pitching Screen & Ultimate Pitching Machine 2-in-1 Screen • Use with Ultimate Pitching Machine • Doubles as an infielders screen with included porthole cover that attaches with velcro • Comes with nylon carry bag • Dimensions: 4'x 6' - 15 lbs Versatile & Affordable • Portable and compact - easy to take on the road • Can be used as a back stop • Similar screens retail for $150-$250 and are difficult to break down and transport Contents: Ultimate Pitching Machine Ultimate Pitching Screen Only $269 $259 Stock# CB64 View Cart/Check Out Logical and affordable, the Ultimate Pitching Screen will protect the coach or parent who is operating the Ultimate Pitching Machine. The screen can also be easily transformed into an infielders screen with the included porthole cover. Pitching Screen Only - NEW REDUCED PRICE - SAVE $10 Only $69
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