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Turf Field Products

  • All popular artificial turf sizes
  • Spikeproof or spike resistant
  • Weatherproof face & backing
  • Pro Field Turf Quality
  • Guaranteed Long Lasting
  • Pro Quality Built Specifically For Baseball & Fastpitch Softball

All our pro turf is made of longest-lasting nylon unless we note our economy yet high quality synthetic polyethelene grass. Not spikeproof but plenty good for many uses & all budgets. We work directly and have direct relationships with artificial turf and field turf manufacturers and know what makes great baseball turf.

Your Tuff Turf Protector Choices


Batting Practice Turf Pieces

Save on the daily maintenance of your homeplate & batters box areas with our heavier duty spike resistant BP Turf pieces. These weatherproof rectangles feature 1st quality turf faces and heavy outdoor backers that can also be used indoors to preserve your gym flooring

Standard Poly Cages – (Polyethelyne) click here to learn more

Most Popular Grades:

  • #21 light to medium use
  • #36 Medium to heavy use
  • Heavier or custom batting cages – Call us toll free 1 800 487 7432

16′ wide Frame with Standard Poly Cage Net

Stock #.     Net          (L x H x W)FramePrice 
BTRF16-3-C144-21#2155′ x 12′ x 12′3 Ribs$1284
BTRF16-3-C44-21#2155′ x 12 x 14′3 Ribs$1299 
BTRF16-3-C144-36#3655′ x 12 x 12′3 Ribs$1443 
BTRF16-3-C44-36#3655′ x 12′ x 14′3 Ribs$1529 
BTRF16-4-C145-21#2170′ x 12′ x 12′4 Ribs$1522 
BTRF16-4-C45-21#2170′ x 12 x 14′4 Ribs$1569 
BTRF16-4-C145-36#3670′ x 12 x 12′4 Ribs$1772 
BTRF16-4-C45-36#3670′ x 12′ x 14′4 Ribs$1818 
Choose your 16’w frame & standard poly net
length & options here:

arrowMouse over options for more Information

Baffle Net – $69
Cage Divider (12’H x 12’W) – $79
Cage Divider (12’H x 14’W) – $89

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4’ x 6’ (25 lbs) Turf green #1235951