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Basic Pro Style Batting Cage Frame & Net

  • Choose Poly or Nylon Net - Standard or Deluxe
  • Choose your 14'w or 16'w Frame in 55' or 70' Length
  • Add a 55' or 70' Cable Hanging Kit (on the right of this page)
  • Our Deluxe Poly & Deluxe Nylon cage nets include baffle net. net saver, & lead core rope.
In Stock
Price From: $984.00
  • Our Basic Made in USA Frame Will Last
  • Standard or Deluxe Featured Nets - 12'w or 14'w
  • Best For Backyards | Good For School Budgets


Here’s Basic Information You’ll Want To Know About Our Basic Pro Batting Cage Frames

NOTE:  Our Basic Batting Cage Frames Are High Quality!
They are built from heavy gauge US Steel made by world famous Allied Steel Company, right in the USA. There is a quality difference in the steel that’s made here which allows for a lighter weight of steel tubing.

Note: We suggest 4 rib frames for the 55’ batting cage (more ribs, less sag) & 5 ribs for our 70’

Each Frame Section (aka rib) Includes:
2 – 30 inch steel ground sleeves
2 legs (the uprights)
2 corner elbows
1 cross bar & 3 eyebolts
All nuts & bolts

Permanent Batting Cage Frames Are Not All Equal 
Our basic series uses 1 3/4" galvanized steel tubing. Any less and it tends to bend & move after years. Heavier materials can waste your money if your needs aren’t the m,ost demanding like college programs. The pieces swedge (fit) together or bolt together.

55 Ft or 70 Ft? 
Our 55’ cage has 4 ribs, the 70’ is a 5 rib system. 
Our cage frames include everything you need to install your batting cage net and start hitting. They are shipped right to your door thought there is some savings if you ship to a business or school address.

A Note About Batting Cage Length
Unless you are pitching, I don’t see length as being critical, no matter what age or level of play or the pitching distances your layers will face. The real difference-maker is will they get in there and have fun swinging and swinging correctly! That’s the secret to getting better faster.

For even more information check out Coach JP's article on Batting Cage Netting Materials.

What JP Says about the Basic Pro Style Batting Cage Frame & Net

A Basic Batting Cage Frame But Good For Backyard or Teams On A Budget

A simple rib system, when sunk in ground to the 30” depths with the included ground sleeves… will perform for many seasons. 4 ribs will fit our 55’ batting cages and 5 ribs prevents sag in our 70’ versions.

Our Batting Cage Net – (55 or 70 ft length & 12 or 14 ft width)
Our Cable Kit - the cables, clamps & turnbuckles to hang your net

  1. 3- 3/8” x 6” galvanized turnbuckles - (for tightening cable net)
  2. 200 or 300 ft - 3/16” galvanized cable - (for 3 lengths of cable you run the length of your batting cage. top left, top right & the center to reduce net sag)
  3. 12 maleable galvanized cable clamps – (these go on the opposite cable
    end from your turnbuckles)
  4. 64 -5/16” spring loaded, zinc coated snap clips - (for attaching a cage net to your cable system if you have a 55 ft batting cage)
  5. 72 -5/16” spring loaded, zinc coated snap clips - (for attaching a cage net to your cable system if you have a 70 ft. batting cage)

About Our Batting Cage Nets
Our nets are built to last and available in the two popular materials, nylon and polyethylene
(both are very good and recommended).

I Prefer our 14 ft widths with their matching 16 ft wide frames, especially for older larger players and where you will have both left and right handed hitters. The nets hang from the 3 long cables that run the length of the frame and connect to the net with our D Rings (also known as carabineers or snap hooks)… all these pieces are included in our cable kits.

Additional Information

Nylon or Polyethelene (Poly)?


Nylon is certainly stronger...and more expensive than Poly.

Net strength is measured as tensile strength. Tensile strength is the measure of 1 single strand of material that is stretched vertically and then measured digitally to the point that the strand snaps.

So, for example, if you are considering purchasing one of our #36 heavier duty nets, one single strand of this material will break when 320 lbs of resistance is applied to it...as opposed to our standard #21 net which will break when 220 lbs of resistance is applied.

How does this affect you? The heavier the net, the more useful years you may get from your batting cage (and this will vary by amount of use, climate and whether you take your net during an off season...especially you live in a colder northern climate.

Reason Summary for Purchasing a Nylon Batting Cage Net

Longest Lasting...more money – for pro quality!

  • Strongest Material...lasts longest
  • Easiest to Hang
  • Softer to Touch
  • Good UV Protection (if properyly retreated)


Poly Nets are actually a plastic that is melted and then extruded into strands.

Those strands are then twisted, braided and or knotted into many uses including netting for many industries from sporting uses like volleyball, tennis, golf...plus baseball and softball of course...to uses in the fishing industry. Because it starts being formed as a liquid, it is easy to add color (black in most cases) as well as UV protection material...so each strand always stays black without fading AND the UV protection really lasts...giving you many seasons of use!

Being that it is a plastic, it will not absorb water or add unwanted weight to your cage frame.

It also weighs less than Nylon and may last longer in areas of real temperature swings and of course, in rainy parts of the country!

The downside of Poly is that it is a bit stiff and is not as easy to repair as nylon.

Reason Summary for Purchasing a Poly Batting Cage Net

Best Price...for a very good material

  • Water Resistant...won't stress frames with absorbed water
  • Keeps its color...will not fade
  • Best UV Protection...it's built in, not added on
  • Stable Material...best for areas where temperatures change dramatically

In Summary

For Backyard Use - I say that you should buy the best that your budget will allow...considering the features and benefits of either material...both have plenty of good reasons to own them. I don't believe that a player will become a much better hitter considering how long his cage is...but I do know that if it is not useable due to holes in the material... the player cannot use it and ultimately suffers the loss.

So, when in doubt... a shorter cage with a heavier net is definitely the way to go!

For Indoor Training Facilities - Nylon is the #1 choice for heaviest use facilities but we have had terrific response to heavier weighted poly nets.

For Team Use - Again, nylon may be the 1st choice, but a poly #36 net is a great alternative, especially where budget, heavy sun area or wet climates are concerned

A Final Note

The above is a guide of facts and figures and is meant as only a guide. Whichever net you purchase from Baseball Tips or Softball Tips, you will get a great deal of quality for your money. Much of these products are produced overseas and frankly not all retailers of these products are as honest with their specifications as I would hope. I can only speak for our nets and believe in the manufacturing and quality of our offerings!

You are not going to have the ability to test for high tensile strength nor is there any other universal method of comparing apples to apples... all other numbers and letters or names implying strength and longer-lasting materials are really just marketing terms that various companies use to market themselves… total confusion to the shopper!

The Bottom Line

The higher the number, the stronger & heavier the net… the heavier the net, the longer it should last!

Purchase up to your budget from people who handle a lot of net...when in doubt, purchase a heavier net with a shorter cage...then get out and hit!

Ask your questions prior to purchasing if you are still uncomfortable.

Call us toll free anytime between 9 AM and 6 PM Eeaster Time at 800 487 7432.

Remember, you don’t want to buy this stuff twice!

I hope we can earn your business!


In Stock
Price From: $984.00
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