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Product Layout Test

  • Choose 3, 4, or 5 frame ribs
  • Select our cable attaching kit
  • Buy a 55 or 70 ft cage net
  • Hit…a lot!
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  • A Basic Frame That Will Last For Many Seasons!
  • Built US Steel Tough For OutdoorUse In Any Climate (16 gauge, 1 3/4"diameter)
  • Recommended For Backyards & School Teams On A Budget


Baseball Frame TubingHere’s Basic Information You’ll Want To Know

Our Basic Pro Style Batting Cage Frames Are Not Basic At All!
They are built from heavy enough 16 gauge US Steel made by world famous Allied Steel Company, right in the USA. There is a quality difference in the steel that’s made here which allows for a lighter weight of steel tubing that will do the job of some heavier but poorly made foreign products.


Note: We recommend 4 ribs for a 55 ft batting cage (more ribs, less sag) & 5 ribs for a 70 ft batting cage!

Each Frame Section (aka rib) Includes:

  • 2 30” long galvanized steel ground sleeves
  • 2 legs (the uprights) 
  • 2 corner elbows 
  • 1 horizontal cross bar & 3 eyebolts
  • All required nuts & bolts

Instruction Summary: (complete instructions are included)
Each ground sleeve is placed into holes and then concreted into place.
After the concrete hardens, you simply build the batting cage like an erector set and then hang your net.
For each cage "rib" or section you will need 2 ground sleeves.
The final size of your installed cage will be 12 feet high as 2 feet of the cage sides are actually sunk into the ground (in the sleeves) for permanent stability.

Permanent Batting Cage Frames Are Not All Created Equal

This popular series uses 1 3/4" galvanized steel tubing. Any less and it tends to bend and move over time. Heavier materials can waste your money and are strictly for commercial year round uses (call us or check out our more expensive batting cage frames if that's what you need). The pieces swedge (fit) together or bolt together.

55 Ft or 70 Ft? 
The 55 foot cage has 4 ribs, the 70 footer is a 5 rib system. 
Our cage frames include everything you will need to install a batting cage net and start hitting. They are shipped right to your door thought there is some savings if you ship to a business or school address.

A Note About Batting Cage Length

Unless you are pitching, I don’t see length as being critical, no matter what age or level of play or the pitching distances your layers will face. The real difference-maker is will they get in there and have fun swinging and swinging correctly! That’s the secret to getting better faster

What JP Says about the Product Layout Test

A Basic Batting Cage Frame But Good For Backyard or Teams On A Budget 

A simple rib system, when sunk in ground to the 30” depths of its included ground sleeves… will perform for many seasons without fail. 4 ribs covers our 55 ft cages and 5 ribs prevents sagging in our 70 ft models.

All you need to add is:

A Standard Batting Cage Net – (55 or 70 ft length & 12 or 14 ft width)
Our Cable Kit - (the cables, clamps and turnbuckles) to hang your net easiest
… and you are done. 
Anything else you add is strictly an option of your choosing.
Here’s our Batting Cage Accessories Page if you want to have a look

Cable Kit Parts List:

  1. 3- 3/8” x 6” galvanized turnbuckles – (for tightening your cable net)
  2. 200 or 300 ft - 3/16” galvanized cable – (for 3 lengths of cable that run the length of your batting cage. Top left, top right & down the center to reduce net sag)
  3. 12 maleable galvanized cable clamps – (these go on the opposite cable end from your turnbuckles)
  4. 64 -5/16” spring loaded, zinc coated snap clips – (for attaching the cage net to your cable system if you have a 55 ft batting cage)
  5. 72 -5/16” spring loaded, zinc coated snap clips – 
    (for attaching the cage net to your cable system if you have a 70 ft. batting cage)

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