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Think Of Buying Baseball Field Turf Like Buying Carpet

Batting Practice Turf Protectors Pieces

Baseball turf is known by many names, which makes for some confusion but whether you call it astro turf, sports turf, synthetic turf or artificial grass, it’s the same basic product though it is made in as many varieties as carpet. It is also built in many grades and in rolls of 12 ft. & 15 ft. widths.

The difference in buying the sports turf pieces that we all use on a ball field are that they are pre-cut, so no worrying about width. Instead, we all just want a good price on heavyweight pieces that we won’t need to throw out at season’s end!

Since the pieces tend to be smallish… I choose to offer only one grade; the best thickest baseball turf I can find and make sure all is matched with a heavy, thick, weather-resistant backer that won’t mold or rot so can be used indoors or outdoors.

Our Homeplate Baseball Mats are the best you will find anywhere and are the same as we offer pro baseball (one quality so now apologies are ever needed)!

Our baseball mats include the parallel-only white turf batters box lines and an inlaid Homeplate that is glued into the turf itself. The older painted home plates never last and the cheap stuff allows the home plate to curl at the edges.

How do you know the good stuff? We only offer you one grade and pro-quality is pro-quality!

Our Baseball Home Plate Baseball Mats are 6’ x 12’ and offered in standard green or the newer terracotta/clay color turf.

Our Fastpitch Home Plate Baseball Mats are the 7’ x 12’ and duplicates the deeper softball batter’s box.

Home Plate Baseball or Softball Mats Shipping Note:
Unfortunately, FEDEX and UPS now upcharge for this 7 ft. x 12 ft. oversize (we ship them in a rolled up “cigar-shape” covered with plastic sheeting). If you can live with the baseball-version for your fastpitch practices, I’d encourage you to save this sometimes-ridiculous upcharge.

Our Plain Green Or Clay Color Turf Batting Mats are available in a few sizes with the 3 ft. x 5 ft. and 4’ x 6 ft. rectangles being the most popular. All are the same thick spike-resistant turf with a heavy 5 mil all-weather backer. Both synthetic turf colors are now the same price.

Turf Pitchers Mats are 3 ft. wide and 12 ft. long and are mostly used for indoor fast pitch pitching drills because of the center stride line and the new power lane that keeps pitchers on a straight line to the target. However, baseball pitchers and coaches have found real advantages to using them as well. This has brought more of them outdoors for flat ground work and for throwing BP without a platform so they sure need to be able to handle all weather conditions. This sports turf is top-quality, spike-resistant and includes our all weather 5 mil backer as well. The pitching rubber is game-real and the white lines are turf, not paint, so you know they will be there next season too! Now available in turf green plus the newer terra cotta/clay color too, all at the same price!

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