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Our Backyard Batting Cages
Backyard batting cages are generally associated with its lighter-weight materials, reduced cost, and most of the time, its size. The line between toy and entry-level is often blurred as manufacturers fight to make products affordable.

We carry a handful of baseball batting cages for backyard. We have known these products well for over a decade so have good working knowledge as well as the personal relationships with their inventors, engineers and those manufacturers themselves.

Select by bumping up against your budget and not by the length of the batting cage itself. Shorter batting cages may fit your backyard batting cage area and remember that shorter distance between pitcher/machine & batter means a player is made to be quicker; which is gold to baseball coaches!
Our Batting Cage Kits
Our batting cage kits are hands down some of my favorite backyard batting cages. The principle is brilliant.

What We Include
We send you the steel frame corners, your choice of batting cage length from 40′ to 70′ and a pro cage net in your choice of 3 net strengths (choose at least the mid-grade unless you are just hitting light balls, whiffles or tennis balls).
The instructions are simple with very few tools needed and no digging holes either!

What You Buy Locally
A big box or hardware store carries these particular 10 ft. long EMT conduit tubes which work great and are around $4.5 each… and that’s it. You will be hitting in 90 minutes!

We couldn’t make this difficult. Look through our offerings and you will be equipped to click the buy button. And if not, call us at 800-487-7432 .

Let the fun begin!

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