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Aluminum Team Benches For Baseball, Softball & All Team Sports

Aluminum Team Bench With Top Shelf Shown In 4 Team Colors

Our aluminum team benches are built for all indoor or outdoor team sports.  We have one manufacturer that we trust with all our clients whether they are private schools with extra budget or those small-town ballparks where budget is the driving factor of all their purchases. We just don’t offer a cheap quality version of these products because there is just no need to. Our aluminum team benches are just great made in USA quality at very good prices and a strong warranty!

Just choose from 4 lengths of natural aluminum benches or 3 lengths of powder coated aluminum benches in your team colors. (your visitors can then sit on a baseball bench in your team colors)!

Then simply choose one of our 3 mounting styles that fit you best; all at the same low prices!

Our Aluminum Team Bench With No Back

Our simplest & most economical versions. Single plank seating in lengths from 7.5 ft. to 27 ft in length. Easily choose your length by figuring that you will need 18 inches of width for each player.

Our Aluminum Team Bench With Back

The mid-priced models that also happen to be the most popular team bench style. A comfortable back plank is added to our no-back team benches so they are definitely more comfortable when sitting for longer periods of time.

Lengths range from 7.5 ft. to 27 ft in length. You can easily choose your desired length by figuring 18 inches of width for each player.

Our Aluminum Team Bench With Back & Top Shelf

These are my favorite team bench models, especially for baseball or softball dugouts. There is never enough room in a dugout so equipment and anything else tends to land under my feet! Coaches are constantly either doing house cleaning or yelling at players to do it. With that huge 20” deep top shelf, your baseball-life will become so much easier. Note that all of this type of team bench ships with one mounting frame that either sits on the dugout floor (no matter what it is made of) or it is drilled & anchored into a solid concrete surface for permanent mounting.

Our Scorer’s Tables

A brilliantly designed bench with back AND a 20” writing surface too! They also include a full frame for mounting or setting on any surface.

The 3 Mounting Styles

  1. A Portable Mount for ease in moving & cleaning
  2. A Surface Mount that is drilled into existing concrete
  3. An-In Ground Mount that is secured into fresh concrete

Note that team benches with backs, top shelf & scorers tables have a complete frame under structure so is used as portable or surface mounted applications.

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