Baseball Team Benches

Athletic/SportsTeam Benches for Baseball, Dugouts, Soccer, and More
Our aluminum benches are built for all of the above purposes. Choose from 4 lengths in natural aluminum surfaces or 3 lengths in powder coated team colors. Economical team bench with no back, or with back, or with back and top shelf. Our scorer’s tables are a bench with back and a writing surface. The 1st 2 styles are available in 3 mounting options; A portable mount for ease in moving & cleaning, a surface mount that you secure by drilling into existing concrete or our in-ground mount that is secured into fresh concrete. Note that team benches with backs & top shelf & scorers tables have a complete frame understructure that is used as a portable or surface mounted.

Athletic Sports Bleachers for Baseball, Soccer, Stadium and Much More. Lo Rise, Tip N Roll, ADA
Our bleachers are simple seating solutions and available to fill the above needs & more. Below is terminology you will want to get correct before purchasing but easy to figure from our bleacher pages. Not sure? Call us toll free at 800-487-7432. Read More Below!
2, 3, & 4 Row Bleachers are models where the 1st row seats are typically 12” or 17” off the ground level and where total height is no more than 29” off ground level. They do not include guard rails or fencing and are available in 4 lengths in anodized aluminum or 3 lengths in some of our powder coated models
Lo Rise Bleachers are 5 rows and up and available and offered with options that may be required for your state or locale.
Elevated Bleachers are those 5 & 10 row models in various lengths where the 1st row is elevated off of ground level for superior sight lines. Rail or chain link guard systems are included along with aisle w/ handrails and sets of steps on both sides.
Tip N Roll Bleachers are those 3-4 row bleachers that are moved by tipping onto one side where they can be easily wheeled out of the way without marring flooring. Typically used in gymnasiums that are used for multiple sports or when an overflow or temporary capacity solution is needed.
ADA Bleachers follow the requirements set by The U.S. Department of Labor. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in employment, transportation, public accommodation, communications, and governmental activities.