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Wheel Type Pitching Machines

Heater Basehit Pitching Machine with Auto 12 Ball Feeder
Triple Play Basic 3 Wheel Pitching Machine

From: $294.25

To: $2,642.90

Heater Junior Pitching Machine - Real Baseballs Up To 48 MPH
Heater Pitching Machine & Optional Auto Ball Feeder

As low as: $399.99

BATA Pitching Machine Auto Feeder + Remote
Are you wondering about the cost of a backyard baseball pitching machine for fastballs & curves? If ...

As low as: $499.99

Heater Combo Baseball & Softball Pitching Machine with Optional Auto Ball Feeder

From: $599.99

To: $1,049.49

1 wheel BB/SB pitching machine!

As low as: $659.00

The Only 2 Wheel Baseball Only Model Under $1,000! Fastballs & Sharp LH & RH Curves Too!
A Baseball And/Or Softball Pitching Machine. Variable To 62 MPH! Portable & Easy To Maintain!

As low as: $1,079.00

For Baseball and/or Softball. Throws any pitch from left or right handed "pitchers".

As low as: $1,355.00

A very dependable baseball and/or softball pitching machine complete with a auto feeder & 4 doze...

As low as: $1,509.00

Phantom Jr Pitching Machine

As low as: $1,555.00

Affordable 2 Wheel Pitching Machine - Throws All Pitches!

As low as: $1,569.99

For Baseball and/or Softball. Throws any pitch from left or right handed "pitchers".

As low as: $1,919.00

BATA 2 Wheel Pro Pitching Machine

As low as: $1,925.00

Digital Baseball or Softball Model With Auto Ball Feeder
This machine provides great pitch variety by putting two BATA 1 machines on one stand.
Price From: $2,130.00
BATA 2 Pro Pitching Machine, Auto Feeder w/ Cordless Remote & 4 DZ Dimple Balls

As low as: $2,360.00

Phantom 2 pitching machine is 21st century Made USA. Longest 5 yr warranty! Throws leather or dimple...

As low as: $2,385.00

The 3 Wheel Programmable Pitching Machine... Because Good & Cheap Don't Go Together!
Has a 95 mph fastball & a 75 mph curveball IN ONE SET UP. Going against the Majors!

All of our wheel type baseball/softball pitching machines

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