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Original Heater Pitching Machine & Xtender Backyard Batting Cage Package

Original Heater Baseball Pitching Machine & Xtender Backyard Batting Cage
  • 1st Choose Your Baseball or Softball Model 
  • 2nd Choose Your Xtender Batting Cage Length
  • 3rd Add Your Leather Or Pro Dimple Balls
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FREE Bonus...

Ebook from pro hitting coach, Rob Ellis

  • The Ideal Backyard Fastball Pitching Machine With Variable Speeds & Adjustments For Batting Practice, Grounders & Pop Ups  
  • Matching Xtender Batting Cage In 24', 30' & 36' Sections. Future Expansion By Simply Adding Sections!
  • Throws Real Balls Accurately From 15 to 52 MPH (closer distances mean even more velocity)!





Our Xtender batting cage harnesses any Heater Pitching Machine to the outside of the batting cage net. This protects the "pitcher" and pitching machine while not using any extra inside room! (You'll also save by not needing to purchase a protective L Screen). Note: Xtender can be used with our other pitching machine brands too! 

What JP Says about the Original Heater Pitching Machine & Xtender Backyard Batting Cage Package

Our Most Popular Backyard Pitching Machine, Matching Batting Cage & FREE SHIPPING! 

What A Fortunate Player... A Pitching Machine & Batting Cage Right Out The Back Door! 

Players improve by doing, alongside training & learning, This is even more noticeable with younger players in that they can distance themselves from their peer group quicker! The sooner they start swinging a lot, the longer you may see your player(s) in the game!

Our Heater Brand Packages are excellent complete backyard choices for all youth players, without spending a lot more!

Wish This Package Had A Curveball-Pitching Ability?

Our Heater Pro Curveball has the same package savings! It is our original Heater Baseball Pitching Machine with the added ability to throw right hand or left hand curveballs in variable speeds along with an accurate fastball too! It adds $100 and worth it to many.

Wish This Package Had Ability To Pitch Baseballs & Softballs In One Pitching Machine?

Our Heater Combo is a baseball plus fastpitch softball model designed for either those wanting even more fastball-only velocity or the ability to throw baseball AND 11" or standard 12" softballs; again this adds another $100 to our Heater Pro Curve.

Batting Cage Purchases - Coaches Hints! 

  • Don't sweat the shorter lengths of these batting cages no matter the official pitching distances in your player's league UNLESS utilizing our Heater Pro Curve Model. You may want to strongly consider a 36' or longer model which will give the curve more time to break even more. This allows for a more realistic practice.  batting cage length is not that important for fastball swings).
  • Batting cage sections are sold in 24', 30' & 36' & can be combined later for even longer batting cages

  • Packages ship complete by UPS or FEDEX ground and install in as little as an hour

  • These batting cages are called the Xtender and can be added on to when you are ready

  • Purchase the longest batting cage for your budget & backyard & click the buy button without regret! They are all age appropriate, priced right WITH FREE SHIPPING & will hold up for many years without issue 

I cannot overstate what an advantage it is for a budding ballplayer to be able to swing as often as he can. It may be the ultimate difference-maker for your player!


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Warranty 1 Year
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