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BATA 3 Pitching Machine/ Batting Cage Net Package

Bata 2 Pitch 3 Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine
  • 3 wheels gives you 2 different pitches
  • Variable speeds up to 95 mph fastballs
  • 2nd pitch is up to 75 mph breaking ball
  • Optional auto feeder & cordless remote
  • Best built pro machine available
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BATA 3 Baseball Pitching Machine | Fastball & Curve In 1 Set Up   +$3,195.00

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Free shipping not valid to addresses outside of the continental USA.
Please call to complete your order at 1-800-487-7432.
  • MLB Fastballs and Curveballs Without Adjustment 
  • Optional Auto Feeder & Pitch Separator Ensures Batter Has No Idea What's Coming Next


Which BATA Pitching Machine Is My Best Bet?

Every BATA pitching machine is a quality product that will not disappoint. All models feature made in USA quality, are lighter & more portable than the biggest brand, have variable speeds & can be used with leather & dimple balls for BP, ground ball or fly ball drills, BATA auto ball feeders and the cordless remote control that you really want. Now let’s whittle down your baseball or softball model decision right here: (you can click to go to the individual product page to buy right away!)

BATA 1 Pitching Machine – This is a plain vanilla workhorse and should be bough when money is your issue. Thousands of quality swings is key to player potential so if this coincides with the budget, make your decision right here!

BATA 1 Pro Curve Ball – This is one of my favorite pitching machines…period! You get plenty of VELO (pitch speed) at 70+ MPH and if you still insist on more speed but your budget won’t allow, place this model closer and watch the reaction time decrease and 70 reacts like a mid 80’s fastball. The ability for players to see a LH or RH high school grade curveball/slider is huge… especially for this price. My final bragging point is that it weighs around 60 lbs, which is reasonably portable.

BATA 2 Pitching Machine – This has been the standard in pro and college ball for years (I want to say that there are 12 MLB ballclubs who use BATA at last count). Unfortunately, too many coaches really don’t know this brand so they buy what they know & end up with last century technology; heavy, hard to move, harder to adjust between pitch-types. This models throws a ridiculous 105 MPH (that you do not need) but it does this at less RPM’s on the motor…that’s about efficiency and has a lot to do in that we went 8 years before we replaced a motor and a full season without replacing any wheels too! Lighter, stronger and simple to adjust for the same or less money than most all others! BATA Twin Pitch aka

BATA 1 Twin Pitch Pitching Machine – This is the choice for those who want batters to see two different pitches in one set up. It’s basically two BATA 1 pitching machines mounted on one frame. This means that max speed will be 70 MPH. (If you feel you need more VELO, our BATA 3 is your play)! BATA 3 aka

BATA 2 Pitch 3 Pitching Machine – Here’s the right model if you want to see a fastball up to 95 MPH plus a curveball/slider up to 75 MPH in one set up. It’s just an awesome purchase with its efficiency and simplicity built right in!

BATA 4 aka BATA 2 Pitch 4 Pitching Machine – Throw any two pitches at any speed up to 95 MPH! Two BATA 2 pitching machine heads mounted on one platform (hint, buy the optional rolling cart as it’s quite heavy). Both heads operate independently so you have complete control over each pitch with simple controls! There’s no computer to learn or malfunction…its completely mechanical so it’s what you are used to!

What JP Says about the BATA 3 Pitching Machine/ Batting Cage Net Package

Choose This BATA 3 Wheel Pitching Machine To Throw  2 Different Pitches

You won't have to remind players to keep their hands back after hitting off this engineering marvel!

This is your choice if you see the value in having 2 different pitches thrown without any adjustment and especially for those who want players to not see what is coming next (optional auto feeder with pitch separator really expands on this with varied pitches coming every 6 seconds).

 Buy it once and It will be the last pitching machine you will ever need!  

Additional Information

Warranty 5 Year
Warranty Details
  • Pro Rated Warranty
  • If a part of the machine is deemed to be defective, it will be replaced. If the defect occurs within the first YEAR, the part will be replaced free of charge. If the defect occurs after the first YEAR, the defective part will be replaced, and the value will be prorated on "wear-and-tear" parts. For example, if the machine is one year old, the defective part will be replaced at no charge. If the machine is 2 ½ years old, the part will be replaced at the prorated amount (1/2 the list price because 1/2 of the 5-YEAR warranty has been used up). Though made of best quality components, BATA only includes 1 yr pro rated for commercial use.On all non-"wear-and-tear" parts, the part will be replaced or repaired free of charge.
  • Our batting cage nets carry a 1 yr pro rated warranty
In Stock

As low as: $3,195.00

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