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Good Baseball Screens – L Screens & Catch Nets

Better Baseball Screens – L Screens & Catch Nets

Best Baseball Screens – L Screens & Catch Nets

Baseball Screens & Catch Nets To Fit All Budgets!

Oversized Team Baseball Screens & Wheel Kits

Baseball screens take such abuse that it’s no wonder most teams have a graveyard of them. The reality is that good & cheap do not go together with any baseball field screen purchases, however, you do not have to overpay for better quality.

Our baseball field screens are divided into distinct price points which will allow you to not blow through your budget, yet still, allow you to get more than you might expect.
Whatever your budget, look at our “Better” models 1st, then adjust depending on what works and you will end up with a lot for your money.

This alone will prevent premature wear and wobble that happen when the frames are dragged into position and off the field or batting cage after daily BP.

Note that standard sizes are based on 7 ft. frames but the oversize 8 ft. models are beneficial if you have adult sized players and a bit of extra budget.

Our Good Baseball Screens (blacklight series) are very good for youth baseball to when you just need a good enough screen without buying junk. The 7 ft. footprint utilizes 1 ½” powder coated tubular steel that will hold up IF not dragged on or off your practice field. Most nets are really heavy #60 gauge 2-sided pillowcase-style so slip over the frames and quickly lace on the frame bottom. All the popular sizes and shapes with optional (recommended) wheel kits that will increase the frame’s life!

Our Better Baseball Screens (silver series) are far and away the most popular baseball screens we have ever carried. Most are based on the 7 ft. footprint with some oversized models too. All utilize a heavier grade of rustproof galvanized steel with heavy weatherproof nets of the 2-sided pillowcase style that install quickly. Most have detachable legs for easiest storage and optional wheel kits which I really recommend!

Our Pro Baseball Screens are the nutz! Most are the oversized 8 ft. frames yet tend to weigh less with most including super weather-treated 2 sided pillowcase nets that really last under normal to heavier use. Wheel kits are included and some have padding included as well. If you have the extra budget or need your frames to last longest, here’s your play!

My bottom line:
Buy the best screens you can budget & add wheel kits.
Whatever your choice, you’ll get a lot for your money!

— JP

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