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Baseball Pitching Machines & Softball Pitching Machines

Pitching Machines

Baseball pitching machines and softball pitching machines are the single best ask any ballplayer could ever dream of.

I am still shocked when I run across the occasional high school baseball team that still do not own one of any type!

Most are set up for baseball-only or softball-only. We can also suggest a few that will accommodate both sports and explain what it takes to change between both sports.

Big Value Pitching Machines

We have decided that offering that with all the fine (and expensive) pitching machines on the market we would only offer a scaled-down version where you can save a bunch of money, regardless of the age or size of the player!

Our Heater Pitching Machines were designed and manufactured by an old friend, (actually a serial inventor).

We have offered all the the Heater Pitching Machines for over 15 years, so we should know our stuff by now.

Our Phantom Pitching Machines in two models each offering the unique ability to throw baseballs, All for less cost than anything comparable on the market today. These are Made in the USA by another of my engineer friends (these were actually developed by a guy who spent a career building avionics… electronics for airplanes & jets)! Crazy? but true!

Pitching Machine Choices

What a confusing product to buy, which is where we come in.
Read Our Guide: How to Choose a Pitching Machine

Have a look, whittle it down, and call us if you can use some help. Most sell pitching machines, we know baseball and softball pitching machines and have learned everything about pitching machines over the last 23 years of helping coaches, athletic directors, and baseball families.

I hope we can help you!

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