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Swing Away Pro XXL Black - Team Swing Trainer

  • Our best swingaway for teams & serious players - 6 lbs. more steel
  • Focused Hitting - backyard-basement-garage-ballpark
  • 3 second reset - no waiting or chasing
  • Folds flat - quick and easy storage
  • Will outlast most players - it's solid!
In Stock
Price From: $329.99
FREE Bonus...

Ebook from pro hitting coach, Rob Ellis

  • Bonus ($24.99 value) - Hitting mat visual aid - learn proper contact points and where to drive pitches
  • Provides the feel of hitting live pitches without chasing or picking up balls
  • 10-15 quality swings per minute - thousands of extras swings each season
  • Easily converts to a pitch-back for defense drills


More Information About Our New Swingaway Pro XXL Swing Trainer

The Swingaway Pro XXL Black (replacing the SA Titan Elite) features a bottom boom and a new revolutionary hitting mat. The bottom boom feature will perfectly align the patented pulley system of the machine making it all but impossible for the pulleys to become misaligned and therefore shorten the life of the bungee system. The new Swingaway Pro XXL  is built to take the constant use and demands of the professional athlete or team and is now available to all players who possess the drive and determination to get good, and then become the best.

FREE Bonus: The revolutionary SA Hitting Mat.
The hitting mat replicates the inner portion of the batters box and features an official size home plate. The mat is marked for both right and left handed hitters and numbered baseballs showing the ""Proper Contact Points"" plus the direction to drive the pitches that are inside, outside, or down the middle. The SwingAway Pro XXL combined with this directional hitting mat will train players of all ages and skill levels to hit the ball where it is pitched, pulling the inside pitch, going opposite field with an outside pitch and driving the middle pitch right back were it came from. This training will build the necessary muscle memory and confidence to take with you to your game and next at bat.

The Layout of the Nine Balls is Called the X-Pattern 
This pattern is a visualization of where a hitter should contact the ball as it comes across home plate. The arrows coming off the balls indicate the desired direction of flight of the ball. The 1 ball is for inside pitches, the 2 ball is for slightly inside pitches, the 3 ball is down the middle, the 4 ball is for slightly outside pitches and the 5 ball is for outside pitches. Below are layouts for the 1, 3, and 5 ball for both right and left handed batters.


  • The Set-up size is 58"" x 48"" with highest point of 6'2""
  • Recommended Space 10' x 10'
  • Made from galvanized U.S. Steel
  • Total Weight 38 lbs.
What JP Says about the Swing Away Pro XXL Black - Team Swing Trainer


I would venture to guess that most pro hitters have swung more off of a tee than all the live pitching they have ever seen. It tells you something about successful hitters and the art of hitting itself.

Let's just agree that it is very, very important for a developing player to swing off of a batting tee... a lot! It is also the easiest way to get all the extra swings that you need... at home.

The advantage of our Swingaway pro XXL team model is that it is better buiolt with added steel and beefed up mechanisms. It is efficient, gives you more swings than a conventional batting tee, requires no catch net and can be used in a small area... all good compelling reasons to look strongly at this great swing trainer.

It is fully adjustable and only requires a player and a replacement ball and tether once every season or 3... thousands of swings between change outs! The ball and tether is inexpensive and always available in baseball or softball versions. 

Additional Information

Warranty 2 Year
Warranty Details 2 Year Frame 1 Year Net
Choose Adult Or Youth Size Here Any
Age Range All Ages
Choose Outdoor or Indoor/Outdoor Model Here Indoor or Outdoor
In Stock
Price From: $329.99
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