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Premium 5 Mil Safety Fence Cap

Teardrop Fence Cap Fence Guard
  • Best mid grade fence cap we have found!
  • EZ Install in 8 ft sections (install from the box)!
  • 80 ft per box (10 pieces with install ties included)
In Stock
  • So Much Better Than Drainpipe Coil-Type
  • Pre - Drilled & Includes Install Ties
  • UV Protected & Weatherproof
  • 5 Year Warranty!


Youth Baseball Fence cap serves a few purposes. Our fence toppers will help you to protect your outfielders from the various injuries such as scrapes, cuts and bruises from contact with the rigid top edge of a chain link fence. These fence shields are also provide a visual cue allowing umpires to better define a homerun. Lastly, our fence toppers will give your ball-park a polished and professional look and make it feel like a stadium.


  • Each piece is 8' in length
  • 10 pieces per box
  • 80' per box
  • 5 Year Warranty
What JP Says about the Premium 5 Mil Safety Fence Cap

Old Style Vs This New Style of Fence Cap 

The typical corrugated roll of fence guard will still work but is borderline miserable to install & though cheap to buy, it becomes expensive when you add the shipping cost. Because it ships in huge rolls, it takes up a lot of space in a truck, even though it weighs little for its volume. This newer style nests when shipped with 5 8 ft sections taking up little more than 1 piece alone!

Traditionally, you see what is actually rolled, corrugated drainpipe being used to top youth baseball field outfield fences. For years, It was the only option. Our 8 ft section- style of fence topper is the newer, smarter way to complete your outfield or field side fencing.

This teardrop shape is a bit thicker than the few cheaper new style options in this shape so will last for many years without issue. It is taller, heavier & simply contains more raw material. One person simply puts a section in place, then squeezes the metal hog rings to the bottom side through the pre drilled holes, then moves on to the next section!  This Top Rail Fence Cap should save you a bunch of money in the long run and is suitable for any ballfield.

Note on Color
Yellow looks great, is the most popular and has the highest visibility, but if you choose a team color, you will still retain the safety factor. It is worth noting that colors closer to the red family can fade over time.

Additional Information

Warranty 5 Year
Fence Cap Length 1box = 80ft.
In Stock
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