Baseball Field Equipment For Those Without Goats

How Do You Mow Your Ballfield?

It’s either with a herd of goats, a scythe, a hand push mower or a civilized lawnmower of some sort; my guess is it’s a nice wide mower that gets it done quicker than the other choices. Common sense!

So, why don’t I see more constant use of pitching machines & batting cages? Why do I see blue tarps and concrete blocks or no tarps covering mounds, plates, bases and infield skins. 1970 was fine, we did without, but that was over 50 seasons ago!

Pitching Machines Or Live Arms?

It’s not either / or… It’s Both!

Between advanced technology and the rise of travel ball pitching machines are now offered for less money while the higher-end machines continue to be refined.

Players just do NOT swing enough and who is going to throw hundreds of quality curve balls and off-speed pitches to a team full of players. Use a machine or don’t wonder why your players cannot hit anything but a fastball.

Player’s need to see live arms but they will never swing enough, regardless. Too many of them and not enough of us.

Batting Cages

If your program has one, you need a 2nd, perhaps shorter or longer or perhaps an indoor model.
If you don’t have even one, get it done this season. The choices go from backyard pricing to our choices for your spring training facility. Live without turf, but do not live without batting cages!

Same thing for a batting turtle. As expensive as they seem, you will save tons of time, many dollars worth of baseballs, and a lot of cage time your hitters need. The one baseball turtle brand you may know is The Big Bubba and Big Bubba Elite however we offer many others in all price ranges from some solid manufacturers right here in the USA!

Portable Baseball Backstops aka Batting Turtles & Baseball Turtles

Here’s another product that too many programs go without. They are a buy-it-once product that you will use every single practice and during pregame too.

We have specialized in these products with our most comprehensive collection being found on our sister website,

From the most affordable baseball turtles to our spring training models with all the bells and whistles, we have you covered.

Baseball Screens & Baseball Catch Nets

Ever seen a program without a small graveyard of baseball L Screens or broken catch nets? Yeah, me too. ?

I came up so long ago, I didn’t use a screen until I finished high school ball. WTH were those schools thinking?

Most programs have screens of some sort, but there’s so much junk out there, many coaches by cheapies and end up replacing them while trying to milk a bit more out of their old junkie screens.

Weighted Baseball Field Covers

So simple, yet such an advanced product that it doesn’t make sense not to own these heavy vinyl perimeter weighted products. We only offer the pro grade that you can have in any size & in your team colors too.

Full Infield Covers

Expensive, you bet. But considering how many years they will last, how many games and practices that don’t get rained out and how much less infield maintenance…they are worth it. Just find your size and get it done asap!

Portable Pitching Mounds

A lot of programs do without, but I encourage you to have a look at our portable practice mounds in outdoor or indoor models or game mounds in all sizes; Ours utilize real Astroturf coverings and are the best I have ever seen and manufactured by an old minor league pitcher who makes nothing but the best portable mounds!

Baseball Field Maintenance Equipment

These are mostly the small pieces you need daily. Hose, nozzles, dry line field markers, drag mats, rakes, brooms & batters box templates. Let is know what you need. Ultimately, they all wear out, ours tend to hold up a bit better and are priced competitively.

Baseball Coaching Tools In Summary

Goats or lawnmowers… it’s your choice! Let us know how we can help your program stretch your budget this season!

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