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Wheel Pitching Machines

Wheel Pitching Machines In All Classes

All of our 1,2 & 3 wheel pitching machines are here to serve a certain need and for a certain budget.

Before you get caught up in what the best pitching machine is… just think in terms of having any machine being a huge advantage and a real problem-solver for any team or individual ballplayer.

1, 2 or 3 Wheel Pitching Machine?

1 wheel models are plain vanilla but will give any player the quality reps they need to improve with speeds up to 70+ mph.

2 wheel models have been the workhorse of baseball and softball for decades. Added speed from 2 motors turning 2 wheels and the ability to change wheel angles which allows for any type of pitch you can imagine.

3 wheel models are a newer style that some gravitate to. All wheels grab the ball. Some will give the batter a better “look” at the ball as it enters the machine and some are set up to offer two different pitches in one set up.
The bottom line is that as usual, I suggest that you buy up to your budget and go from there.

Velocity is a bit overrated when it comes to pitching machines; what’s most vital is for ballplayers to see thousands of pitches and take more quality swings than they could possibly have without a machine that is easy enough to use and convenient too!

Feel free to call us anytime to whittle your choices; we have over 20 years of working with coaches, athletic directors, and baseball families too. We know our stuff.

I hope my thoughts will get you started.

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