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Arnald Swift

Dan in Boca Raton, FL says:

My grandson is nine years old. He is athletic and plays all the sports you can think of. He has played recreation baseball since he was five. Last year he started live pitching and got hit a few times, which resulted in him being more concerned about avoiding the pitches than hitting them. He missed the all star team because of this. He did perform in one tournament where he excelled at fielding and throwing. He also bunted effectively. The team won the tournament. I am looking for help to teach him how to hit and to get him over this fear at the plate.
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David Koopman asks:

What treatment should be given to a player if he develops a sore arm?
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Rob Carr asks:

I have an age old question. I have been teaching my high school aged players to round the bases touching the inside corner with their LEFT foot. I was taught to use the left foot as a child, I have read that one should use the left foot, but I have trouble answering the “why” question. Why should baserunners touch the bases with their left foot?
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A Youth player asks:

I am hearing a lot of things about torque. Can you explain to me what torque is and the spots it can be applied to in your swing?
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Danny says:

My son will be turning 12 this month. He really has a great pitching arm and a good potential to be a hitter. At practice he is always on his “A” game, but in a game he seems to let up and only plays a “B” game. His pitching speed drops tremendously and he totally freezes at the plate while facing an opposing team pitcher. What can I say or do to help him prepare mentally for the game?
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Collin Grogan asks:

As a catcher, how can I improve the velocity of my throws to second base?
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Jorge Velasquez asks:

I am coming back from a recent calf tear and meniscus tear. I’m a junior in high school and going through a tough decision about college. I have the grades to go to a 4-year University but I’m thinking about going to a Junior College to get a better chance of continuing playing baseball. I was wondering what you think I should do. If you know any college coaches that can contact me I would greatly appreciate it.
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Tammie Hinkle in Pearland, TX asks:

I have a 3-year old son who appears to have a great aptitude for baseball. He now has the Little Tikes pop-up pitcher (we replaced the tee) and he can consistently hit 4/5 right handed and 3/5 left handed and they were going over the 6 foot fence when it was in the center of the yard (even though they are plastic wiffle-type balls it was still 20-30 feet)….and he loves the game. We can do this for HOURS each day, or as long as mom can “field” the balls. I grew up with baseball and two cousins that were great at the game (full scholarships with one having a contract with the Orioles prior to an injury and the other playing for an International League farm team for one year). It APPEARS that my son has a natural ability, but I don’t want to be too pushy or cause “burn out.” Is he too young for a coach? I am a single mom and am limited in my baseball ability. What can I do to help him develop? Please don’t misunderstand, I have NO intention on being “one of those moms.” If my son decides to pursue ballet, more power to him and I will do everything to help him develop that. But I also feel that proper development and education at an early age helps later in life, no matter what they decide to do…all skills are transferable!! Any advice would be appreciated!!
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Mike asks:

I’ve played travel baseball on a nationally ranked team every year for the last 6 years. I’m in 10th grade and hoping to make Varsity this year for my school. The only problem is the coach. I know I’m good enough to make Varsity and even start. But the coach doesn’t really know me that well. I talk to him, but he doesn’t say much. I think the other 10th graders who aren’t as good will make the team because of their reputation. What should I do to better my chances of making Varsity?
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Rollie Pike in Kentucky asks:

Which is the best way to begin developing a young pitcher, pitching from the stretch or the wind-up? Or does it matter, as long as you teach proper mechanics?
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Roger in Illinois asks:

I am coaching an 11-12 year old baseball team and would like to know the proper cut-offs for hits to the outfield. I have searched the internet and various baseball books but have not been able to find anything on this.
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Joe in Jacksonville, FL asks:

How can I get my team to stay motivated? After two innings we seem to lose complete focus, especially if we’re behind. We start to make error after error. These are 10 and 11-year olds. We have been in every game until my players make an error or two and then the team falls apart.
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Jordan asks:

I need to get back into baseball shape. What can I do?
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Al asks:

I run a 10 week baseball camp every year for our local baseball organization. This year we have added a very young group (age 6-7) and I am struggling to keep their interest. The area of most concern is the hitting station. Can you suggest games and/or drills that can be used for this age group?
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Tyler in Tampa, FL asks:

I’m in a hitting slump right now and it’s more mental then my swing. I’m not sure what to do. Before game time I’m loosy goosy and ready to play. But once I hit the field I freeze up and I don’t know why. Any suggestions?
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Terry asks:

What is the main reason kids are afraid to be a pitcher? Is it being the main focus in front of the crowd? Or is it being afraid of throwing balls and strikes with an umpire and worrying about hitting batters?
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George asks:

I am a right-handed, 12 year-old pitcher. I am trying to get a 2-seamer with good movement into a right-handed hitter. Please give me any tips or suggestions on how to get more “in” movement.
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Joey asks:

I have a son that is 9 years of age. I’m looking to purchase him a new bat. He is a good size for his age. I have heard from different coaches over the past years that the lighter the bat the better. What size would you recommend?
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