Low Rise Bleachers

Low Rise Bleachers | USA-Made

Low rise bleachers fit more fans in a smaller footprint to save you room while allowing closer-to-the-action!

The specially built aluminum frame is sturdy and will accommodate more fans based on the 1st row having a 12-inch height from the ground level as opposed to the standard 17″ height. Truly desirable for younger fans and shorter adults too.

4 Row Low Rise Bleachers have gotten even more popular at youth ballparks and sidelines over the last years.

These compact lo rise bleachers are available in 4 lengths from 7.5, 15, 21 and 27 ft lengths (no 27′ available in team color) plus your choice of our standard single footboard or optional double footboard. Double footboards allow for much easier coming and going, especially with fans who are older or perhaps less steady. I really suggest them if you have the extra budget. After all, these units will be used for many seasons.

Natural aluminum materials and rust-resistant hardware are standard along with black end caps that will help prevent snagged clothing and cover any sharp plank edges.

Optional team colors are available as well.  All Made In USA!

Call us with questions or simply choose your size and click the buy button confidently! 

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