Chain Link Safety Fence Bleachers

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Chain Link Safety Fence Bleachers | USA-Made
Our 4 row baseball bleachers with safety chainlink fence fit so many of our smaller ballparks and sports fields due to their medium capacity and smaller footprint.

The all-aluminum baseball bleachers frame and plank materials and rust-resistant hardware can be counted on to stay looking good over many seasons. We use extruded anodized aluminum planks with slip reducing ridges and mill finish footboard for a better look & longer life.

This 4 row bleachers series is available in your choice of 15, 21 or 27 ft. length (sorry, no 27′ in team color).  Various lengths will hold from 40 to 90 fans (figuring 18″ per fanny).
4 Row Bleachers Safety & Options
The safety fencing and 4th row riser board help with the safety aspect and the black end caps prevent many clothing snags while covering the seat plank ends too.

Options include your choice of our standard single footboard or double footboard upgrade. Double footboards allow for much easier coming and going, especially with fans who are older or perhaps less steady. I really suggest double footboards if you have the extra budget. After all, these units will be used for many seasons and may serve thousands of your best fans over the years.

Optional team colors are available as well.  All Made In USA!

Call us with questions or simply choose your size and click the buy button confidently! 

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