WHO BUYS Aluminum BLEACHERS Very often?

No one seems to purchase aluminum bleachers often enough to have a real view of what makes for a good purchase. That seems to be the recurring conversation I have with new customers. Even our Athletic Director-customers who oversee so many sports programs don’t buy bleachers often enough to know the good from the bad.
Well… considering that I never purchased a bleacher or a team bench as a coach… it became my job to learn the products for my customers.


  1. Good & Cheap Don’t Go Together
  2. Manufacturers Who Only Build Bleachers & Benches Tend To Produce A Better Product
  3. Manufacturers Who Have Decades Of Experience Produce Fewer Customer Complaints


  • USA Made for the last 27+ years
  • In-house engineers, designers, fabricators & certified welders who produce standard team bleachers and custom bleachers too
  • Consistent quality aluminum extrusion (think foot & seat planks) delivered from some of the larger players in the USA-market

My bleacher-buying summary is surprisingly simple

  1. Figure how many you want to seat 1st!
  2. Then check the footprint you have to work with to figure if you prefer more rows & less width or fewer rows & wider look.
  3. Buy anodized or powder coated aluminum models with welded frames that are USA-Made from factories who specialize and have been around for a long time
  4. Get a warranty. You won’t likely use it but the quality is more assured with a longer warranty!

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