Aluminum Bleacher Buying Basics

Aluminum Bleacher Buying Basics – For Spectator Seating

Here’s aluminum bleacher systems buying information you need
to make your best decision for optimized spectator seating

Aluminum Bleacher styles Spectator Seating USA Made
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At we have over 20 years of experience in the commercial aluminum bleacher, spectator seating market.

Our small in-house sales team, located in Asheville, NC, works with a network of USA manufacturers to provide quality, made in the USA, aluminum bleachers for spectator seating.

We’ve worked with Universities, high schools, parks divisions, ball diamonds, soccer complexes, race tracks, and military bases around the world

Aluminum Bleacher Requirements & Grandstand Standards

  • Bleacher standards were developed by the International Code Council. The latest version is ICC 300 – 2012: Standards for Bleachers Folding and Telescoping Seats, and Grandstands
  • The intent of the ICC 300 is to establish minimum requirements to safeguard public health, safety and general welfare through structural strength, means of egress facilities, stability, and safety for life and property.
  • ADA guidelines should be considered for ground level systems and are required for elevated systems.
  • US Consumer Product Safety Commission Guidelines for Retrofitting Bleachers Pub. No. 330 000011
  • Local building and fire codes should be considered as well.

Bleacher grandstand standards and requirements ADA guidelines  Product Safety

Small Bleacher Spectator Seating
Large Bleacher Grandstand Spectator Seating Stadiums Racetrack

Common Aliminum Bleacher Systems

Ground level bleacher seating non elevated
Non-Elevated Bleachers:
Bleacher system when seated
on first row your feet are at
ground level
Elevated bleacher grandstand seating
Elevated Bleacher: An elevated
bleacher system offers better sight lines for viewing the action
Low rise bleachers spectator seating
Low Rise Bleacher:
Low rise 1st seat height 10½″
Tip and roll bleacher seating storage seating
Tip N’ Roll Bleacher:
Tips up for movement and
storage when not in use
transportable bleacher seating grandstand seating
Transportable Bleacher: Designed
specifically to withstand the rigors of

Anatomy of a Bleacher Descriptions Details of Bleacher Specifications

Anatomy of a Bleacher –
Aluminum Bleacher Buying Terms

Single Foot Plank” is a term used to describe (1) 2″x10″ mill finish aluminum foot plank per row to rest your feet on
when seated.

Double Foot Plank” is a term used to describe (2) 2″x10″ mill finish aluminum foot planks per row to rest your feet on
when seated.

Riser Plank” is a term used to describe a “mill finish” aluminum plank that is mounted vertically under the seat and
behind your feet to close the opening to meet building and safety codes.

Rise” The vertical measure from the top of a bleacher seat to the top of the bleacher seat in the next row.

Run” The horizontal measure from the front of a bleacher seat to the front of the bleacher seat in the next row.

Anatomy of a Bleacher – Additional Features

Vertical Picket Guardrail
(all aluminum
Aisle W/Anodized
Elevated Front Walkway
Mobility ramps for
mobility device access

ADA Inclusive Seating

Key Features – Aluminum Bleacher Systems

Non Elevated Bleacher
  • When seated on the first row, your feet are at ground level.
  • Affordable system for all your basic bleacher needs
Elevated Bleacher
  • Elevated front walkway platform with front guardrail
  • Entry stairs and/or ADA ramp
  • Aisle(s) w/handrail and Riser plank on all rows
  • Double foot plank on all rows
  • Inclusive ramp required with ADA seating
Low Rise Bleacher
  • 2″ x 12″ anodized seat planks (wider than standard 2″ x 10″)
  • 6″ rise per row
  • Top seat height under 30″
  • Low rise 1st seat height 10½″
  • 5 ROW LOW RISE SYSTEM much like 3 & 4 Row EXCEPT top seat height is over 30″, thus requires guardrail
Tip N Roll Bleachers
  • Tips up for movement and storage when not in use
  • Non-marring rubber foot pads to protect indoor flooring
  • 5″ wheels for easy movement (rear wheels include brakes)
  • All aluminum (welded) light weight frame for easy lifting
  • Available in 2 & 3 row and 3 & 4 row Low Rise systems
  • The perfect auxiliary seating system for indoors
  • 4 row Tip N’ Roll outrigger for added safety and stability
Transportable Bleachers
  • Available in 5 and 10 row models
  • Designed specifically to withstand the rigors of movement
  • Include additional frame bracing
  • Requires “Transport Kit” Light Kit for 5 row systems–Heavy Kit for 10 row systems (kit includes: wheel assembly, tongue assembly, and lifting jacks)
  • Note: One kit can be used for multiple transportable bleachers

Foot Plank Model Descriptions

• Single foot plank on row 2 & 3
• Double foot plank on rows 4 and
up (Excluding low rise bleachers)
• Riser plank on rows 4 and up
(Excluding low rise bleachers)
• Chain-link or vertical picket
guardrail on systems with 5 rows
or more

• Double foot plank on all rows
• Riser plank on rows 4 and up
(excluding Low Rise Bleachers)
• Chain-link or Vertical Picket
Guardrail on systems with 5 rows
or more

• Double Foot Plank on all rows
• Riser Plank on all rows
• Aisle(s) with handrail
• Chainlink Guardrail or
Vertical Picket on systems
with 5 rows or more

Aluminum Bleacher Buying Options

ADA Compliant

  • ADA Series aluminum bleacher systems feature wheelchair seating areas with companion seating to meet ADA accessibility requirements
  • Available with chainlink or vertical picket guardrail system

Superior Seats

  • Seats with back rest for more comfort
  • Closed deck system for easier maintenance
  • 14″ rise per row for superior line of sight
  • 36″ run for additional leg room and more comfort
  • Aisle with center handrail for easier access to upper rows
  • All-aluminum vertical picket guardrail for a safer non-climbable
  • system

Bleacher Components

Quoting and Ordering

For best product aluminum bleacher system
recommendation and quote,
provide the following:

• Number of seats needed
• Available space
• Space description and accessibility to space
• Indoor or outdoor
• If indoor, do you have storage space and how much
• If outdoor, what type of surface is the structure going on – gravel, asphalt, concrete
• ADA requirements
• Local building and fire code specifications

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