2 – 3 – 4 Row Small Park Bleachers

Small Park Bleachers Bleachers With Team Color Seats & Double Foot Boards | Made In USA Series

Here’s What You Want To Know

USA-Made Welded Aluminum Frame For Best Stability

1st Row Has A Comfortable Seat Height Of 18″ 

Top Row Seat Ht. of 29″ So No Guardrail Needed

10” Cool-Touch Slip-Resistant Seats & Safety End Caps

Standard Models Have Ridged Single Foot Boards

Deluxe Models Have Ridged Double Foot Boards

Made In USA

Standard Series Small Park Ballpark Aluminum Bleachers For All Sports  Indoors Or Outdoors!

Here’s our most popular small park ball park bleachers in 2 & 3 rows. We offer all sizes & options you want. The cool-touch natural aluminum seat planks & mil finish foot planks are finished by craftsmen, right down to the slip-reducing stability grooves and full cover end caps that reduce the potential for clothing becoming snagged.

The under-frames are made of angled aluminum for rustproof stability and can be mounted to any solid surface!

Read our Aluminum Bleachers Basics to understand how to choose bleachers for your seating needs. Click Here


2 row 15′ seats 20
2 row 21′ seats 28

3 row 15′ seats 30
3 row 21′ seats 42
3 row 27′ seats 54

4 row 8′ seats 20
4 row 15′ seats 40
4 row 21′ seats 56
4 row 27′ seats 72

Affordable Aluminum Bleachers For Small Park & Ball Park!

You just cannot find a better small park aluminum bleacher series! – Seat from 20 to 54 adult fans!
We have offered these aluminum bleachers for many seasons and have received good feedback from schools and parks & rec. customers!

Choose between our 2 & 3 row widths from 15 ft. to 27 ft. (up to 21′ widths in team colors) and in standard anodized aluminum or powder-coated team colors without the wait & expense of custom aluminum bleachers

These bleachers will provide you with years of good service without maintenance… all at a very good price!

They will also look great after years sitting outdoors in the hot sun and cold winters.
The 5-year warranty says it all!

I hope this will help you to make an informed buying decision & to click our buy button with confidence!

** Due to constantly changing specifications, please check
local building & safety codes to ensure bleacher compliance

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