Growing & training baseball players involves a collection of small lessons that over time, result into the splendid players who play the game the right way.

All Lessons Have Importance… Some You Can’t Succeed Without! Of all these lessons that we  parents, coaches and ex players try to pass on to current ballplayers, there is one that may or may not sink in… it’s about how fast a ballplayers life moves. You get good or you get gone. Sometimes it’s the player’s choice, and more times its not.

You Just Don’t Want To Waste Your Opportunities! Every player must prepare for his last game…and that includes dads as well. (OK, the little guys should really just be having fun… after all, this is play time). But as a player grows into a young ballplayer, and if this is their choice of sport…doing your best really becomes a lot of whats fun about playing the game anyway.

A Lesson Learned… and my own real-life example My son was a prototypical 2 hole hitter in both High School and college. He had the consummate leadoff guy in front of him through his junior year of HS ball. His name is/was Tim Battle.

Timmy 2, as his mother called him (Timmy 1 being dad) had an electric body at 6′ 1″ and 185 lean p0unds. With Big League speed & arm and some power that he would grow into rounded out his tools; making him a Yankees 3rd round pick back in 2003.

Big League skills… and now he has been released.

The bottom line is that he may or may not be done, but no matter the age and no matter the level of skill, Timmy 2 and the rest of us are all day to day on a ballfield, so it just makes sense to make the most of our opportunities.

So play hard all the time, get better and work on your weak points! Have some laughs and take lots of pictures because before you know it… it may all be memories.

1 More Personal Note… I am now closer to my own son, now age 23 and out of the game. Even closer than when he played… go figure. We are now negotiating to buy a ballpark full of tournament fields that we both may have an opportunity to tend, and grow so we can pay it forward… Hope to see your boys out there someday… wish us luck!

OK, and yes, it really was tough for me to let it go 2 seasons ago… anything that means this much to you should, or at least might contain some pain… with love and passion comes risk.

But, its all good.                                                                                                                       Play Hard…its more than just a warn-out saying!

Later                                                                                                                                                                –JP