This week’s topic is Fall Ball Is Here… Or Coming Soon!

-Baseball tip For Hitters

Work on your weak points.

For example, this is a great time for older players to learn to hit to the right side, behind runners (that is the 2nd baseman’s side of the diamond). Or take the time to improve your bunting. It may just be worth 30-50 batting average points next spring. Remember, what you are trying to do is to commit the flanks (1st and 3rd basemen). If they stay back, bunt! If they come up expecting bunt, swing away and hit it hard.

For Pitchers

Pitchers are made in the off-season!

This is a great time of year to develop or perfect that new pitch…and develop the courage to throw it!
Now is the time to work on that new grip/pitch or maybe decide to really throw that pitch you have been working on for a while…the one you wouldn’t throw during the regular season for lack of confidence! If you don’t do it in the fall…when will you?

For Fielders

Ask to play and learn a new fielding position.

You never know how many other players on your spring team will be looking to play your current position.
Make yourself more versatile and know how to play more than just one or even two spots. It makes you a much more valuable player to your coach and your team!

Baseball tip For Coaches

Decide whether this is a great time to:

1. Set your defense for the upcoming season (making your players more familiar with each other for the spring)
2. Give all players the opportunity to try other positions they are interested in.

Decide which way to go based on what you are trying to accomplish in the fall, the level of competition, and your coaching interests and style.

Remember, fall focus is not necessarily on winning just as Spring Training and NFL Pre-Season is not always about winning!