Growing a baseball player is no different than training a student in the classroom. You have the teacher who lectures and uses instructional information plus experiments & demonstrations to get the points across. There may be daily classes, quizzes, tests and final exams where grades are posted… and with hard work and a passing grade, the student advances to a next level.

Can a student do it on his own? Yes, but the odds get long as the subject matter gets more difficult. Can a parent help? Sure, some kids are now even home-schooled though I would personally be of limited help to my own. So, like most parents, I limited myself to helping  with homework and preparing for quizzes and tests.

Is baseball training any different?                                            I think we have the same options:  

  1. We can let em do it themselves
  2. We can help them ourselves
  3. We can find them instruction
  4. We can combine paid instruction with our own efforts (which I think is the best idea… for many reasons and on many levels)!Remember, you may never be closer to your own than you are throwing a ball from 60 feet away!

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