Backyard Batting Cage

Backyard Batting Cage

I absolutely believe that the #1 backyard training aid that any player could ever hope to have is a backyard batting cage and a pitching machine… even if the pitching machine needs to be budgeted at a later date.

The reason this is so important has to do with how ballplayers are built, how they improve fastest, and where their enjoyment of the game is derived.

If You Can Hit… They Will Find a Place to Play You!
Most players say that hitting is the most fun part of the game. As coaches, we know that the ability to hit the ball hard and consistently is the best we can hope for from our players.

Hitting the Ball Well Happens When:
First – The player is taught proper hitting mechanics which is always a work in progress.
Next – Players will repeat these good mechanical swings over and over and over until they become so natural… that success is merely a next step to the next level.

There is no better way for a ballplayer to achieve and repeat these good mechanics and hard swings than having the ability to walk out his own back door to take these swings.

The tremendous number of swings that it takes to commit these mechanics to good muscle memory takes days, weeks and months. Approaching perfection takes much longer. Without this effort, even natural athletes are not nearly as likely to succeed. Every year we see these natural athletes leave the game prematurely!

So why don’t more players have this invaluable backyard tool?
Space and Money… Money and Space…
The reality is that many families find themselves short of one or both of those items.

Until only a few years ago, batting cages were only available as Pro-type cages; the ones you see at High Schools, and league fields. But as the game has grown in popularity and travel ball becomes bigger, some very creative inventors have filled in the gaps.

For those families with limited backyard space and budget please take a look at some of these creative and more inexpensive options that we are now able to offer.

Click the following link to see one of my personal favorites.
Portable cage kits The Portable Batting Cage Kit with L Screen
This cage allows for tremendous flexibility in that it can be purchased in 50, 60 or 70 foot lengths with three choices of net strength that will fit any budget or age player.