Growing a baseball player is no different than teaching a student in the classroom. The best teacher seems to be the one who combines lectures with demonstrations to teach certain lessons. There may be daily classes, quizzes, tests and final exams where grades are posted. And with hard work and a passing grade, the student advances to a next level.

Can a student do it on his own? Yes, but the odds get slim as the subject matter increases in difficulty. Can a parent help? Of course, but some kids tend to be more receptive to other people’s parents than their own. So, like most, I limit myself to helping with homework by hitting ground balls and preparing for quizzes and tests by catching bullpens.

Is baseball training really any different?

I think we have the same options in the dugout that we do in the classroom:

  1. We can let them do it themselves.
  2. We can help them.
  3. We can find them instruction.
  4. Or best of all, we can combine all of these to give our player the best opportunity to succeed.

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