Coach JP’s                                                                                                                        Quick Baseball Tips on Baseball Player & Coach Training

What I’ve Learned From Baseball… in 40 years of trying! Here’s a few of my Baseball Tips for Youth Coaches… regardless of the level you coach or play… Enjoy!

· I have found that few 10 year olds grasp the concept of competing and winning… keep em having fun while learning the game!

· I have found that around half of 11 year olds grasp the concept of competing and winning.

· I have found that most all 12 year olds grasp the concept of competing and winning… the stings and lessons of winning & losing are a new experience.

· Make the last 10 minutes of every practice fun…even better, find fun ideas, fun drills and fun games that involve sucking oxygen…. puppies love to run!

· My First Rule on Pitchers – Pitchers should be pulled one batter too soon rather than one batter too late! I made & broke this rule twice & got my team beat…twice! – a slow learner!

· Draft Athletes…why? Your team becomes much more versatile and able to overcome a key injury and other unforeseen problems…. its a long season!

  • Learn as much as you can about pitching!                                               Aside from the fact that so much of your team’s success rides on your pitchers… it is the biggest area of the game where you can effect your players PRESENT AND FUTURE HEALTH! Take it seriously.
  • There is only one reason to be coaching baseball… for every single player you coach. Make them all “your kids” no matter what the age group!

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