Playing Baseball At A High Level                                                                                 Has A Lot To Do With Having Fun!

The Number 1 Reason Kids Quit Baseball Is…                                                                   THEY SAY IT’S NO LONGER ANY FUN!

Please Watch This 30 second video clip…You’ll either cringe or LYAO but you can’t help  feeling the kids point… Great little actor; I wonder if he can hit?

Little Leaguer Goes Off On His Dad

Please read the comments below the video clip… not so funny.

I got this info from the only major study done where 130,000 players were interviewed (not that the results are astounding…parents generally understand this just because they are parents…kids just do not like doing what they don’t want to do or what they feel they are not good at).

BUT, there’s a point in that, as parents, maybe we can influence our kids (and out teams) to have a bit more fun and perhaps stay in the game long enough for them to love it more!

And believe me if you will… the kid who is having the most fun on a ballfield is the kid that’s playing well!

If We Improve – They Improve! We ask our kids and players to continue improving by practicing new and existing skills so shouldn’t we adults be asking the same of ourselves?

Lets All Get Better At This… Hey, its our free time too and if we have more to offer our kids & our ballplayers, we will all be better for it!

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Free Is Good! Keep Learning & Spread the Word. Knowledge indeed is power! More of our players can & should play baseball at a higher level.