The 21st Century Pitching Machine

The Phantom 2 Wheel Pitching Machine is a new product that might look like other pitching machines on the market, but does it ever outperform even the biggest of names out there. Successfully improving on a decades-old design, with a focus on safety and portability, the Phantom is really a superiorĀ beast with a comparable price tag. And through the end of the season, will be offering a discount of $175 on all Phantom Pitching Machines. Use Coupon Code PHANTOM175OFF at checkout.

The Reality of Buying Pitching Machines

Unlike bats and gloves, a pitching machine is one of those purchases that even a seasoned coach will buy only a few times in a career. The iconic blue and white Jugs Pitching Machines still outsells everything else out there, but this isn’t due to a superior product, but rather name recognition.

I personally have either fed or swung at thousands of pitches from a Jugs machine. They make a good, reliable product, that for the most part, is consistent and gets the results you’re looking for.

But the Jugs Pitching Machine has its problems, too. Most of us have just resigned ourselves to the fact that pitching machines aren’t perfect. Especially when it’s wet, humid, or muddy. Or if the ball isn’t perfectly round or has a torn stitch. Or when the wheels wear down through seasons of use. And that’s not to mention the workout you get putting it up and taking it down. That changes now!

A Whole New World of Pitching Machines

The Phantom Two Wheel Pitching Machine truly is the pitching machine for today’s baseball player. It’s more consistent, more portable, safer, and easier to use than any other comparable model.

Not only will it throw baseballs or softballs (most machines charge more for this if it’s offered at all), but it can throw leather baseballs or dimple balls. All of this at 90+ mph. Check out our recent post on what Eric Byrnes had to say about the importance of hitting off a pitching machine.

Still need convincing? The Phantom Features:

  • Dual Wheel Adjustable Controlsphantom-split-with-legs_1
  • Throws Baseballs and Softballs
  • Throws from 30-90+ mph
  • Throws all pitch types at all velocities
  • Throws ground balls and fly balls
  • Built-in Transport Cart
  • Works with most auto feeders
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • 5 Year Pro Warranty

It’s always the time of year for more swings

The Phantom Two Wheel Pitching Machine has reinvented pitching machine design for an emphasis on safety, portability, and accuracy. If your team, league, or backyard is in need, give us a call at (800) 487 7432 or visit us atĀ Remember, we will be offering a discount of $175 on all Phantom Pitching Machines. Use Coupon Code PHANTOM175OFF at checkout.